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Topics: Blood, Artery, Heart Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Study Guide for N124 Final Fall 2013
1.What happens physiologically in fluid volume deficit situations; how do we best keep track of a patient’s fluid volume; consequences of dehydration Ch.13 iggy -daily weights are the best indicators of fluid loss or gains pg.176 Cardiovascular- heart rate increases in attempt to maintain BP. Weak peripheral pulses pg.175 Skin changes-skin turgor poor, tenting, skin dry and scaly, dry mucus membranes( may be covered with a think sticky, pastelike coating), toungue may have deep furrows Neurological changes- Alteration of mental status (especially confusion), might have a low grade fever Kidney changes-urine maybe consentrated with a SG >1.030, and appere dark incolor and have anstrong odor. Respiratory changes-increase respiratory rate as a way to maintain oxygen delivery when tisuue perfusion is decreased. 2.complications of influenza pg.645

-Influenza can lead to complications pneumonia or death
3.Tx of cap-Pg.652
Comminity acquired pneumonia (CAP) treatment include
Home health management-no special changes are need in the home. If patient has a second story the patient may prefer to stay on one floor because climbing stairs increases fatigue and dyspnea. Toileting needs can be met with a bedside commode. Teach patient to notify their health care provider if fever,chills, persistant cough, increasing fatigue recurs or if symptoms fail to resolve.Aq111 Home teaching-review all drugs with the patient and family and emphasize completing anti-infectives therapy. Teach patient dietary changes which include increasing proteins (protein bound drugs), smaller more frequent meals, and fluid intake to thin secretions if not contraindicated Health care resources-inform patients who smoke that smoking is a risk factor for pneumonia and offer information on smoking cessation classes. The healthcare provider can prescribe nicotine patches. Provide information on vaccines against pneumonia and influenza 4.Relationship of long term...
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