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Exam Study Guidelines – AD 646OL
Exam Instructions: 1. There are two parts to the final exam. Part I will have 30 multiple choice and true false questions and count one point each. Part II will have 35 multiple choice and true false questions and count two points each. Part 1: 1 point each. Each student gets 30 questions = 30 points Part 2: 2 points each. Each student gets 35 questions = 70 points 2. The exam is a closed book, closed note exam. 3. You will have two hours to complete the exam. 4. You will not need a calculator. Exam Review: Listed below are several broad topics and questions that you should review for the final exam. Please keep in mind that this study guide only highlights some areas for the exam and is not inclusive of all questions. The best preparation is to review all your readings, lecture notes, discussions and assignments. There will be an exam review Week 6 of class which will be recorded for access by all students. 1. Be able to define and distinguish between projects, programs and portfolios. 2. Understand the functions of a PMO and its major benefits and limitations. 3. Define the services provided by a PMO. 4. Recognize the key stakeholders in a Program versus a Project. 5. Identify the problems and solutions in the Siemens case. 6. Identify the different roles of a global manager. 7. What are the major strategies Programs must employ to be successful? 8. Explain the key factors in selling a PMO to the CEO. 9. What should Siemens have done differently to avoid the NetManager crisis? 10. What are the primary responsibilities and roles of a Program Manager as contrasted with a Project Manager? 11. Identify internal and external stakeholders and the influences and interests they possess. 12. Understand why program management must be aligned with the sponsoring organization's strategic objectives. 13. Define the major characteristics of programs and describe how they are alike or different from...
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