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Topics: William Lloyd Garrison, Abolitionism, Frederick Douglass Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: February 6, 2013
1. Who were the transcendentalists?  What was their philosophy?  How did they express it in literature? 2. How did the transcendentalists attempt to apply their beliefs to the problems of everyday life at Brook Farm?  What was the result? 3. What other utopian schemes were put forth during this period?  How did these utopian societies propose to reorder society to create a better way of life? 4. How did the antebellum utopian communities attempt to redefine gender roles?  Which communities were most active in this effort?  What did they accomplish? 5. Describe the early Mormons.  What were their beliefs?  Why did they end up in Utah? 6. What gave rise to “temperance” or the crusade against drunkenness?  What successes and failures resulted from the movement's efforts? 7. What was the biggest problem facing American medicine during this period?  What impact did this problem have on health care in the United States? 8. How did efforts to produce a system of universal public education reflect the spirit of the age? What were the problems facing public education?  What types of institutions were created to deal with them? 9. How did changes in attitude impact ideas on prison, workhouse, and asylum reform during the first half of the 19c? What gains were made? 10. Describe the rise of feminism. Which women did it appeal to and what were the gains? Why were the results so limited? 11. What was the anti-slavery philosophy of William Lloyd Garrison and what was The Liberator?  How did he transform abolitionism into a new and "dramatically different phenomenon"? 12. What role did black abolitionists play in the movement?  How did their philosophy compare with that of Garrison? 13. Why did many northern whites oppose the abolitionist movement?  How did they show this opposition? 14. Contrast the views of moderate and extremist abolitionists? Who supported each side? What were the goals of the Liberty Party and what was the “free soil”...
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