Strength of a Teacher

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29. What are your greatest strengths as a teacher, and how did Purdue's Teacher Education Program contribute to the development of these strengths? 1. My greatest strengths as a teacher are being able to connect with the children and getting on their level. Purdue's Teacher Education Program contributes by allowing me the opportunity to work with children in my classes. 2. I feel that one of my greatest strengths as a teacher is managing a classroom and building and maintaining a warm, successful learning classroom environment. I feel that Purdue's teacher education program does a fine job of stressing the importance of doing so. Another area in which I have excelled as a result of Purdue's teacher ed. program is my ability to plan lessons that are interdisciplinary and integrate technology. The program has done a good job of teaching me HOW to do this. 3. Listening and respecting students and developing creative and well-thought out plans and activities. Being in CDFS, I learned how to do this VERY well. 4. My greatest strengths are from the experiences I had through hands-on lab experiences. The classroom work was only helpful with core content about child development! 5. I feel that my presentation skills are strong. The professor showed me ways of getting the students motivated and presenting an interesting lesson without losing my audience. 6. Love of teaching, subject matter mastery, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Beats me. 7. My greatest strengths are being organized and finding fun ways to do subject areas. I do not feel that the Block program enhanced any of these. 8. I write good lessons using information not always in the text. I learned how to bring in outside material and I am also a perfectionist at writing my lessons. I learned that from Purdue. 9. I think my greatest strengths as a teacher is my ability to relate to the students and to use a variety of methods that incorporate other disciplines as well. The most useful class I had during my teacher preparation was EDCI 309. I learned very practical ways to help my students learn in that class. As a result of what I learned there, Language Arts has been incorporated into my teaching of History in many ways. 10. The content I know came from the LAS classes I took. The Teacher Education Program made very little significance. I can see why Purdue is ranked 48th in Schools of Education while Wisconsin, MSU, Michigan, IU, Northwestern, Penn State, and Minnesota are more superior to Purdue. Maybe Purdue ought to duplicate the Harvard or U of Penn programs. It might benefit the students, rather than someone with a Ph.D. saying, 'Look at what I did at Purdue'. 11. I think using a variety of instructional strategies to help teach a diverse classroom of learners. Gaining practice in time management, classroom management, and working with different teachers each year help me gain experience and knowledge. 12. My time spent thus far in a classroom. I like my ability to be flexible and teach in different situations. Purdue helped me to feel confident in my ability to plan instruction and work with different types of students. Because of the Theory into Practice experiences I feel comfortable in the classroom. 13. My greatest strengths as a teacher include flexibility, compassion, passion for children and teaching, extremely hard worker, professionalism within a classroom. Purdue helped me to achieve all of my strengths for teaching. I cannot say thank-you enough Purdue and the structured education program it promotes for students. 14. Patience and being flexible! Being prepared and organized at all times. 15. My greatest strength is intrinsic driving force. Purdue has nothing to do with this strength, as it was instilled within me by my parents. 16. My classroom management skills and my ability to read students are my greatest strengths; however, Purdue does not deserve any credit for these.

17. I feel that through my English classes I learned how to...
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