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Entrepreneurial Capital
Lecture 2
Social Capital
1. What is Social Capital
2. Network groups
3. Types of Social Capital
4. Level of bonding
4. Superpreneurs
5. Group case discussion 2
6. Individual Homework 2

What is Social Capital?
Social capital describes the pattern and
intensity of networks among people and
the shared values which arise from
those networks.

Networks are defined as the personal
relationships which are accumulated
when people interact with each other in
families, workplaces, neighbourhoods,
local associations and a range of
informal and formal meeting places

Network Groups
geographical groups - such as people living
in a specific neighbourhood
professional groups - such as people in the
same occupation, members of a local
association or voluntary organisation
social groups - such as families, religiousbased groups, groups of friends virtual groups - such as the networks
generated over the internet in chat rooms
through common interest groups

Types of Social Capital
Bonding social capital – describes closer
connections between people and is characterised by
strong bonds, for example, among family members
or among members of the same ethnic group; it is
good for 'getting by' in life

Bridging social capital – describes more distant
connections between people and is characterised by
weaker, but more cross-cutting ties, for example, with
business associates, acquaintances, friends from
different ethnic groups, friends of friends, etc; it is
good for 'getting ahead' in life

Types of Social Capital
Linking social capital – describes connections with
people in positions of power and is characterised by
relations between those within a hierarchy where
there are differing levels of power; it is good for
accessing support from formal institutions. It is
different from bonding and bridging in that it is
concerned with relations between people who are not
on an equal footing.

Level of...
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