Statistical Analysis and Application of Charts

Topics: Qualitative research, Flowchart, Quantitative research Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Statistical Analysis and Application of Charts

Presented To: Mam Ayesha IftikharPresented By: Hassan Bashir Roll Number: bba02141016
Program : BBA
Semester : 2nd

Date: 19-Oct-2014
Research Questionnaire/ Objective:
Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data
Uses of appropriate charts under the specific/general scenario. To ensure that statistical tools are the important for decision making. Type of Data:
Quantitative Data
Qualitative data
Quantitative Data:
Quantitative data is data expressing a certain quantity, amount or range. Usually, there are measurement units associated with the data, e.g. meters, in the case of the height of a person. Qualitative data:

Qualitative data is information about qualities; information that can't actually be measured. Some examples of qualitative data are the softness of your skin, the grace with which you run, and the color of your eyes. However, try telling Photoshop you can't measure color with numbers. Charts:

Pie Chart
Line Chart
Flow Chart
Time Line Chart
5518206524001. Pie Chart:
A pie chart is divided into sectors, illustrating numerical proportion. In a pie chart, the arc length of each sector (and consequently its central angle and area), is proportional to the quantity it represents. While it is named for its resemblance to a pie which has been sliced, there are variations on the way it can be presented. No .of securities Volume

Abbott Lab. XD 0000
Ferozsons (Lab) SPOT 0000
GlaxoSmithKline 0000
Highnoon (Lab) 0000
IBL HealthCareXDXB0000
Otsuka Pak 0000
Sanofi-Aventis 2349573660000000
The Searle CompXB58,100

In the above given example, Pie chart depicted the weight of different Pharma companies’ securities of KSE 100 Index. In pie chart GSK & ferozsons both have overall major share in the market and influence over rest of compines. This Pie chart represents the quantitative research analysis of...

References: This assignment meets all requirements given .Most of the information, given in charts, is the taken directly from the genuine sources of the companies. This information is comprised of annual statistical reports of the major companies.
This assignment is based on most of the creative and research work. Hope it would be a better source of information and will be easily understood.
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