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Constantine Stanislavsky, defined by many as the father of psychological realism in acting, was born in 17 January 1863. He was an actor and theatre director who put forth the idea of realism in acting and eventually developed the form known as the Stanislavsky System, or more commonly known as “method acting”.

Stanislavsky was born as Konstantin Sergeyevich Alekseyev in Moscow, Russia. Unlike the familiar stories of many creative personalities, Stanislavsky was not born into a troubled home or into poverty. In fact, he was born into a wealthy Russian family, the Alekseyevs. His family was involved in manufacturing gold and silver braids for military uniforms. Being part of a Russian wealthy clan that enjoyed theatre as spectators, it was unimaginable that someone from that clan would ever go into acting. He started acting from the age of 14, and since at that time the thought of an heir going into acting was more of a taboo, Konstantin took on the stage name ‘Stanislavsky’ to hide the fact that he was an actor from his parents.

Being born into a wealthy family, Stanislavsky was exposed to the rich culture of his family from a very young age. He was interested in the circus, ballet and puppetry. However, he kept having urges of going into acting and performing for which his father ultimately decided to build him a fully equipped theatre at their estate in Liubimovka. It was the first time Stanislavsky got on a stage and from the very first performance he started taking notes about his performance filled with ideas of improvements and critique. From that very moment “the actor” Stanislavsky was born and those notes turned into notebooks and from this habit of self-analysis and critique emerged the idea of the Stanislavsky System.

Over the years he kept developing his ideas and skills as an actor by performing with other groups all the while working in his family’s manufacturing business. In 1885, he adopted the Stanislavsky name, taking the name of a...

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