Spodex Chp.17 World History

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Industrialisation Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: May 19, 2014
Carlos Bautista
The Industrial Revolution Outline
China was the first advanced industrialized country before the western world. Under the Song Dynasty with Neo-Confucian high culture. China’s advances in iron manufacturing permitted large projects such as bridges and buildings. Deforestation became a serious problem. Western Europe began to catch up and surpass China, especially Great Britain. By changing their belief system in the economic side, the pursuit of profit became the main goal. By doing this slowly new tools, better ships, new and improved commercial instruments. The modern Industrial Revolution began with simple new machinery and minor changes in the organization of the workplaces. Ultimately the Industrial Revolution multiplied the profits of the business classes and increased their power in public life. The owners of the new businesses adopted a more global view and therefore the government began to support their interests internationally. The wealth and power was starting to shift for the first time towards Europe, especially Great Britain. Because of the modern Industrial Revolution. REVOLUTION IN AGRICULTURE:

Britain along with the Netherlands had the most efficient commercial agriculture. The word agronomy entered the English language in 1814; meaning the systematic concern with the production and irrigation of crops. The land that had previously been owned by peasants for personal production began to be rented out in parcels by some enclosure acts. Enclosures turned nearly25 percent of the land in Britain from public community property to private property for business men. People began to leave the countryside altogether and look for jobs in the industrialized cities. REVOLUTION IN TEXTILE MANUFACTURE:

Cotton textiles were the first market to revolutionize the industry of textile manufacturing. They began to import Indian cotton since it was more comfortable and easier to clean. The British began to invent new machinery to make...
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