Spiritual Embroyo

Topics: Maria Montessori, Infant, Consciousness Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Science prescinds from a child’s incaranation and simply regards the newborn infant as a complex of organs and tissues that makes up a living whole.while still in the womb,a baby solely depends on the mother for survival.even when thje baby is born,he takes time to grow i.eincarnate and reconstruct himself.unlike other animals that run,walk and jump from birth,the child possesses within him a pre-determined pattern of psychic unfolding which Maria Montessori called “spiritual embryo”.This refers to a period of pschyic unfolding when a child’s brain,intellect,personality and emotion are developed. The pchchic pattern in inborn in the child and is only revealed through the process of development.Proof of a child’s psychic life may be found in the distinction that is made between its conscious and its subconconscious activities.Even if we limit ourselves to more obvious and basic concept,we must admit that there is a play of instinct within a child,not only with respect to various pscychic operations.In animals such operations are characteristics of the species. A child develops more slowly than other animals.At birth this ability is little developed in a child even though he has the use of his senses and responds to light,touch,sound and so on. A new born baby is helpless and will remain so for a long time,cannot speak,cannot hold itself erect,in constant need of attention.For a long time,the only sound the only sound that it will sewnd forth is that of weeping or cry that will cause others to rush to its assistance,only after a considerable time,after months,a year.We can now describle a child’s psychic and psychological growth as a kind of incaranation-meaning “mysterious force which animates the helpless body of a newbornchild,enables him to grow,teaches him to speak and thus perfects him....
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