SPED TExES # 161 Legislation study sheet

Topics: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Education, Disability Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Overview of Special Education Legislation
ESEA – Elementary & Secondary Education Act (PL 89-10)
Provided money to states and local districts to develop programs for economically disadvantaged & disabled children. 1965
Amendments to ESEA (PL 89-313)
Provided funding to educate students with disabilities through state supported programs in institutions and other residential facilities. 1966
Title VI Education for Handicapped Students (PL 89-750)
Created the Federal Bureau for the Handicapped (today’s Office of Special Education). 1968
Handicapped Children’s Early Assistance Act (PL 90-538)
Established the “first chance network” of experimental programs for preschool children with disabilities. 1973
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (PL 93-112)
Declared that a person cannot be excluded on the basis of disability alone from any program or activity receiving federal funds. (Not as limited as IDEA due to broader definition of disability as something that “limits major life activities.”) 1974

Education Amendments (PL 93-380)
Increased funding available to public agencies for education of students with special needs. Protected confidentiality of school records.
Provided parent and student safeguards thru procedures to challenge questionable information included in school records. Required states to locate and serve all students with disabilities. 1975
EAHCA – Education for All Handicapped Children Act (PL 94-142) AKA “The Bill of Rights” for students with disabilities. FAPE for children with disabilities ages 6 – 21.
Due Process – protected rights of children & their parents in educational decision making. IEP – required for each child.
LRE – children with disabilities must receive educational services in the least restrictive environment. 1983
Amendments to the Education of the Handicapped Act (PL 98-199) Required states to:
Collect data on the number of students with disabilities leaving their...
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