Sped Reflection Assignment

Topics: Disability, World War II, Germany Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Mostert Reflection – 10 points

Answer each question fully.

1. What conditions were instrumental in facilitating the evolution of the German society’s acceptance of the murder of innocent people? Be specific.

The first World War’s impact on economic conditions in Germany fueled attitudinal changes in German people on their perception of people with disabilities held in state institutions. The idea that people with disabilities, especially the “incurable” as they were deemed were unable to provide assistance in Germany’s economic recovery. Another condition that facilitated the acceptance of the killing of innocent disabled people in Germany was the fact that people with disabilities were seen more in public through outpatient programs, and their physical disabilities and/or inappropriate pibluc behavior was dealt with through the legal system. This in turn amalgamated disabilities and criminal behavior in the German public’s mind. Also the idea that euthanasia went from being voluntary to an option for caregivers, families and the community to consider became widely accepted throughout the country when considering the monetary toll taken on the country for people being cared for in asylums.

2. Who allowed this to happen? Specifically, what were the attitudes and roles of professionals (i.e. medical, law enforcement, academia, religious, families)?

When the National Socialist party was elected to power in 1933 the idea that humanitarian inequality was already rooted in the professional and political minds of Germany. Through the ideals proposed by Social Darwinism and eugenics mixed with Hitler’s push to produce the ideology of the Aryan race, German law and policy eventually turned into the slaughtering of innocent people. The attitudes of professionals to actually go along with this were spawned from the widely discussed and debated article of Binding and Hoche, which stated that people with disabilities were “unworthy of life,” were actually...
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