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Spanish 2 Final Exam Review Profesora Dailey

Your final will include material from chapters 4, 5, and 6 of your textbook. In addition to vocabulary and grammar, you will have questions from the GeoCultura sections about Miami (before chapter 4), San José, Costa Rica (before chapter 5), and Segovia, Spain (before chapter 6).

In this review I have included the vocabulary and grammar topics that will be covered on the exam, and in class we will be practicing some sample questions. But at home, you should use your internet website,, to read the material again and to practice using the More Practice activities found on each page of the on-line textbook as well as the regular textbook activities—even the listening activities! You can also practice from the vocabulary and grammar workbook and the activity workbook online and the website will give you the correct answers after you submit your responses. If you have forgotten your login and password, please check with me to get it so you can do your practice. This is the best way to practice for the exam—please use this valuable tool!

Chapter 4


asking and responding about how something turned out
talking about and reacting to events
parts of the body
talking about getting hurt
asking for and giving advice


irregular preterite verbs—ponerse and decir
darle ganas de (dar is also irregular in the preterite—it’s the cross-dresser) preterite of stem-changing –ir verbs—sentirse, dormirse, morirse, preferir, seguir, divertirse, vestirse, reírse irregular preterite forms of ser and estar

verbs with reflexive pronouns and direct objects
using past participles as adjectives
preterite forms of verbs like caer and leer

Chapter 5

getting ready
telling someone to hurry
reminding someone to do something
hobbies and pastimes
expressing interest and disinterest
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