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Teacher’s Guide for Project/problem-based Learning (P2BL) Support Tool via POSITIVE Rubric

Title/Curriculum: (Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Maths/General Science) Additional Mathematics Prepared for: Form/Year 4 By: CH'NG YEANG SOON

P2BL via POSITIVE guideProject-based Activities (PBA)Problem-based Learning (PBL) [Planning procedure or project/ problem-based (P2BL) process]Project-based programme (PjbPg)(Topic): e.g. HVWSHE, SAW, Intel Teach, etc. Scenario or problem case adapted from curriculum (Science/Maths)(Form/Year): Planning the Procedures in carrying out thoughtfully planned P2BL teaching and learning process with preview of investigation cycles(i) Topic: (ii) Curriculum to be adapted from PjbPg entitled:

(i) Topic: Litter-bugs Syndrome
(ii) Scenario (E.g.You are…): As the president of Student council, you are asked by the principal to study the problem of littering in school.

[Objectives of learning]Obj (Cognitive/Affective/Psychomotor)Objectives and Outline of issues from scenario Objectives and Organization considering diverse learning styles and socio-cultural background(i) Learning/social skills objectives: (a) Cognitive and psychomotor:

(b) Affective:
(ii) Outline of problems/issues to study:
(i) Learning/social skills objectives:
(a) Cognitive and psychomotor:
(b) Affective:
(ii) Outline of issues from scenario/case:

[Organization of team member’s roles for cooperative learning]E.g. Reader, Resource procurer, Experimenter, Gatekeeper, Moderator, Writer/Reporter, etc.E.g. Reader, Resource procurer, Experimenter, Gatekeeper, Moderator, Writer/Reporter, etc.

[Skills in scientific investigation]Scientific(hypothesis, variables, lab work) Scientific(hypothesis, variables, lab work)

Skills in experimentation, e.g. scientific (process/ manipulative) and ICT or technology skills (to explore digital resources)(i)Viable hypothesis: (ii)(a) Dependent variable(DV):

(b) Independent variable(IV):
(c) Controlled variable(CV):
(iii) Laboratory activities:

(i) Viable hypothesis: Family background may influences the litter bugs syndrome. (ii)(a) Dependent variable(DV): Age, Class, Race
(b) Independent variable(IV): Sex
(c) Controlled variable(CV): Students in Penang Free School

(iii) Laboratory activities:
Class room activities

[Skills in using ICT]E.g. Internet, multimedia, graphic toolsE.g. Internet, multimedia, graphic tools Find links to URLs for skill training sites. E.g. Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) E.g. Learning Activity Management System (LAMS)

[Information gathering] Gathering literature, resource and support Facts and questions raised to know about issue Information/data gathering and resources/facilities/ support procurement via cooperative role takingSources of information: (a)Key facts in scenario (list at least 3): Age, Race and Academics (b) Questions raised to know more about issue: Does age or race or the type of class the students are in influence them to behave in a certain manner? (c)Does family background / location has any influence on their thinking and reasoning.?

[Resources for learning issues]Non-digital (book, journal, etc) or digitalNon-digital (book, journal, etc) or digital

Book on physcologi, Human behaviour, Pedagogy.

[Training of HOT/PBS skills]Critical/creative, logical and reasoning skillsCritical/creative, logical and reasoning skills Training and Transfer of learning via Higher Order Thinking (HOT) and problem-solving (PBS) skills(i) Challenge/Targetted outcome: (ii) Questions, etc. to stimulate HOT:

(i) Challenge/Targetted outcome:
(ii) Questions, etc. to stimulate HOT:

[Transfer of HOT or Reporting]Final project presentation flow:Final project presentation flow: Reporting final project, e.g. Introduction,...
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