Sources of Energy

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Why we should conserve energy sources; suggest ways to use energy sources efficiently; the importance of conserving energy sources; use and manage energy sources efficiently?

Observation of energy sources must be made by explaining the below issues though creative writing:- * Why we should conserve energy sources?
* The importance of conserving energy sources.
* Ways to use energy sources efficiently.
* Ways to manage energy sources efficiently.


Have you ever wondered why this topic keeps cropping up in every related subject that is in the school curriculum? From Science (two chapters) to Moral Studies, students are drilled about the importance of the environment and all sources of energy. Compared to our parents and grandparents time in school, this topic was not of urgency to mankind. Is it because of the fear brought about from the dreaded date of 21st December, 2012 in the Mayan calendar or the movie 2012 or even the television series ‘Terranova’ (aired on the NTV7 channel on Sunday’s at 9:30pm)?

I believe it is a combination of factors that is actually happening in the world and its similarities in the above movie and television series. It has put fear into the world of man and the urgency to take measures to remedy their mistakes, is ever present. The amount of earthquakes and platonic plate movements have increased at an alarming rate over the last few years around the world and also triggering massive tsunamis like the ones seen in the movie 2012. Global warming and pollution have reached alarming rates in almost all major cities in the world. Do we want to see a world where eating an apple is a luxury like in the television series ‘Terranova’? I do not think so. At least they had a second chance by going back in time; we are not so lucky.

Anyway it’s good to know the difference between conservation of energy and energy efficiency. Energy conservation is broader than energy efficiency including active efforts to decrease energy consumption, for example through behavioural change, in addition to using energy more efficiently. Examples of conservation without efficiency improvements are heating a room less in winter, using the car less, or enabling energy saving modes on a computer. As with other definitions, the boundary between efficient energy use and energy conservation can be fuzzy, but both are important in environmental and economic terms. This is especially the case when actions are directed at the saving of fossil fuels. Energy conservation is a challenge requiring policy programmes, technological developments and behavioural changes to go hand in hand. Many energy intermediary organisations, for example governmental or non-governmental organisations on local, regional, or national level, are working on often publicly funded programmes or projects to meet this challenge.

Why we should conserve energy sources?

It is only logical then for us to know the meaning and reasons why we need to conserve energy sources, be it renewable or non-renewable energy. Energy conservation means making an effort to reduce the consumption of natural energy sources like electricity, water and so on. One of the reasons is that the development of a country depends highly on the availability of its natural sources of energy. It makes our standard of living higher. Since we are consuming disproportionate amount of energy daily, which means, that day is not far when all our non-renewable sources will expire and will take another millions of years to form again thus forcing us to rely just on renewable sources. The electricity that we use comes from nuclear power and coal power plants and oil that we use to run our vehicles are fossil fuels that were created millions of years ago from decaying plants. When burned, they emit carbon-dioxide which is harmful to humans and the...
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