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Topics: Renewable energy, Alternative energy, Nuclear power Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: July 24, 2012

I am looking forward to pursuing my Masters in Sustainable Energy Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stokholm. I want to take up specialization in Solar energy offered by your course at Dalarna University College in Borlänge.

My interest in renewable energy started with a competition for designing the logo for my college's Renewable Energy Club (REC) during the first year of my studies. I learnt the distinction between carbon fuels and clean energy sources when I gathered information for the design. My logo was shortlisted in the final three and was chosen to be the welcome image for the inaugural REC conference. In the same year, I won in a model exhibition contest conducted by the club for a working model of 'geothermal energy generation and utilization'. I became actively involved in the club over the four years of my bachelors' studies and learnt about various advances in the field of renewable energy. I won second prize for my paper presentation on 'an advanced geothermal energy system' in an inter-college technical symposium during my third year of college. As my awareness about renewable energy grew, I guided my peers and juniors in various activities of the club. I also actively participated in organizing a national-level technical symposium in my college. The information I gathered during the preparation for each event furthered my interest in the connection between social awareness and energy generation. I was able to channel my interest and knowledge in my final year project, where I designed a model prototype of 'a solar powered electric vehicle for people with special needs'. I come from a country where wind and solar energy is in abundant supply, yet we suffer from frequent power failure during the day on a daily basis, which affects many small scale industries in my region. I have seen wind and solar energy being utilized only in small pockets in my country due to lack of technical knowledge. I realized...
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