Songs and Poetry

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Part 1 – Individual
Develop a kit which contains the following :
* One song ( of a duration of 3 – 5 minutes ) and one poem ; * For the song, you may either retain an established tune and create your own original lyrics or create your own tune as well as original lyrics ; * Your song and poem must meet the requirements of the syllabus and the curriculum standards of the primary ESL Classroom; * Provide a brief rationale/justification for your selection.

* One lesson plan for a duration of 60 minutes for each of the selected song and poem. * Your lesson plan should include worksheets, task sheets, etc. All teaching aids are to be submitted together with the lesson plan. Your kid will be assessed on the following criteria :

* Suitability of the song and poem selected in relation to the lesson planned; * Originality and creativity of teaching ideas / activities designed; * Evidence of a gradation of activities that lead to successful learning of the intended learning outcomes; * Appropriate and a variety of teaching materials.

You may present your kit in the following ways :
* In booklet form ;
* In a ring file with clear separator;
* Any other presentations which you deem to be effective and attractive.

Justification / rationale for the selection of song .
Song: Old Pak Karim Had A Farm ( Adapted from Old Macdonald Had A Farm ) Genre: Nursery Rhymes
* Age
* The song is suitable with the targeted group, year 3 KSSR because it contains a little vocabulary and the students are familiar with the words used in the song. For an example, cow, duck and pig. * Content

* Teacher should choose a poem that encourage and motivates the students. So I personally belief that the song that I have chose will motivate and engage the students in the lesson as it focuses on different types of animals and the sounds they make. * Proficiency level

* The rationale of choosing this song to be taught to a Year 3 students is also because of their proficiency level. At this primary level, I feel that the students are not exposed to difficult vocabularies but to only certain comprehensible words. So, this important element fulfills the choice of my song that is ‘’Old Pak karim’’ because it contains simple words . Not only that, the rhythm and the tempo of the song is also on par with the students’ proficiency level. It does not have a fast tempo and complicated music which will bore the students. * Interest

* The song that I have designed for the Year 3 KSSR students, develops motivation among the students, develop imagination among them about animal, stimulates curiosity, draw on personal experience. I belief that when a teacher proposes the students with a stimulus that the students have experienced before, it will make them to indulge in that particular lesson because it is something of their interest. Directly this song will encourage active participation among the students, and create desire to continue learning. * Culture

* This song will create a phenomena to expose the students whom are from urban areas and had never seen farm animals such as cows, pigs and so on. By using this song, teacher will be able to expose the students with a farmer’s lifestyle and their culture. He/ she may explain the daily routine of a farmer or different types of animals that can be found in a farm. * Resources

* This song can be easily found in the internet and teachers could simply download the song and have an interesting lesson in the classroom.

Lesson plan
Date | 21st March 2013|
Time| 10.00 – 11.00 am|
Class | Year 1|
Number of students| 25 students |
Students’ level| Mixed ability class|
Theme| World of Knowledge|
Topic| Animals and the sounds they make.|
Focused / Main skill| Language Arts |
Integrated skills| Listening, speaking and writing |
Curriculum Specification| 1.1.3 Able to listen to, say aloud and...
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