Solution of Internet Addiction

Topics: Addiction, Workaholic, Internet addiction disorder Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: May 4, 2013
In term of treatment strategies, we should use the personal empowerment and proper support system to change the addictive behavior. First of all is practicing the opposite. This strategy is to change addicts’ surfing habits like change their on-line time or place. The second is the external stoppers. It’s to make some things for the patient to do or set a timer to remind them so that could help them log off. The third is setting goals. Setting some rational targets to control addicts’ unquenchable desires for on-line, can help them escape from the influence of computer. The next strategy is abstinence. It means to refuse some specific function like chat or play games, in order to make some moderate intervention. Furthermore, personal inventory is also a way to surmount internet addiction. Addicts could reinforce the awareness of take part in the activities through make a list of activities which they have been ignored or hold down before. Finally is the family therapy. This treatment is mainly to make a strong sense of family support to let the addicts recover from internet addiction, such as encourage them, educate them and listen to them. In my opinion, all these six types of cures could treat Internet addiction, but it just on the surface of the control, cannot treat their nature. I think an education is exactly the right way out. Schools and parents should be started to educate children how to use the Internet correctly since childhood before it gets out of control.
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