Solar City

Topics: Wind power, Fossil fuel, Renewable energy Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: August 12, 2014
We have spoken enough about pollution and its ill effects on life and earth. It is now time to come out with solutions and to lead a pollution free life without compromising on our comforts. Here I have visualized a solar city wherein the city functions entirely on natural renewable resources like the solar energy, wind energy and the tidal energy. We can set up solar panels to harness the solar energy and windmills to use the wind energy. The basic idea is an effort to cut the country’s carbon emissions and promote the use of renewable energy. Chennai is blessed with all the three energy in abundance considering its geographical location. The wastelands and deserts in India can be used to set up arrays of solar panels to supply electricity for the entire country. If the Indian cities can be transformed to solar cities we can meet the peak electricity demand of the cities, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and expensive oil and gas for energy and can promote increased use of renewable energy. Major solar energy system can be installed including streetlights, garden lights, traffic Lights, hoardings, solar water heaters etc. Energy Efficient Green Buildings can also be promoted on large scale in the city. The vehicles that ply around the city can also run on solar energy. The initial installation cost might be expensive, but we can enjoy free electric supply in the years to come. Solar panels which are highly sensitive to even low intensity light should be installed to meet the demands throughout the year. So let us go solar

It is Pollution free
It is readily available at all times and above all it is totally freee….
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