Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Topics: Software testing, Test automation, Test-driven development Pages: 31 (9210 words) Published: August 20, 2013

TESTING TOOLS AND STANDARDS: Automated Tools for Testing - Static code analyzers - Test case generators - GUI Capture/Playback – Stress Testing - Testing Client –server applications - Testing compilers and language processors - Testing web-enabled applications-.ISO 9000

Test automation tools can be expensive, and it is usually employed in combination with manual testing. It can be made cost-effective in the longer term, especially when used repeatedly in regression testing. One way to generate test cases automatically is model-based testing through use of a model of the system for test case generation but research continues into a variety of alternative methodologies for doing so. What to automate, when to automate, or even whether one really needs automation are crucial decisions which the testing (or development) team must make. Selecting the correct features of the product for automation largely determines the success of the automation. Automating unstable features or features that are undergoing changes should be avoided.

Support for Various Software Testing Types

When choosing an automated testing tool, check whether it supports the test types that you are going to run. Can it simulate user actions over the tested application’s user interface, in other words, perform functional testing? Can it run unit tests built into the tested application? Does it support distributed testing? Does it have special features for synchronizing tests that run simultaneously on several network workstations? Does it support load testing? Also, if you test your products using both manual and automated methods, you may want to choose a tool that provides specific support for manual tests. There is a lot of automated software testing tools that support only one or two testing types, for instance, only unit testing or functional testing. It supports unit, functional (or UI), regression, data-driven, manual and distributed testing of Windows applications.

Creating Automated Tests without Programming

An automated testing tool must let you create tests fast and effectively. The test creation techniques must be sufficiently powerful to allow performing various automated testing tasks. At the same time the automated testing tool must be easy-to-use and clear even for inexperienced personnel. A good automated testing tool may support several ways for creating automated tests. For instance, it may provide a simple, easy-to-use visual automated test editor and some other features, like automated test scripts, for performing advanced tasks. Many automated testing tools only provide scripting capabilities for creating automated tests. Creating automated test scripts require programming experience and may be difficult for inexperienced testers. It provides a simple but powerful alternative to automated test scripts: keyword tests (also called keyword-driven testing). Keyword tests consist of operations that simulate user activities on the application under test (like clicking the mouse buttons or typing on the keyboard) or perform other automated testing actions: launching tested applications, posting messages to the test log, running other automated tests (for instance, low-level procedures or unit tests), use checkpoints to verify specific application functionality and more. Keyword tests are very simple and easy to create. Testers do not need programming skills to create them. You can record these keyword-driven tests or modify them visually in a special editor. But keyword tests are not the only automated tests that can be recorded or created visually. It can record automated test scripts, load tests and low-level procedures (special procedures that simulate low-level events like pressing and releasing of mouse buttons or keyboard keys). Load tests and low-level procedures can then be modified visually with special editors. Recorded automated test...
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