Software Engineering Assignments

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1.For each of the following documents, indicate in which phse(s) of the software life cycle it is produced: final user manual, architectural design, SQA plan, module specification, source code, statement of work, test plan, preliminary user annual, detailed design, cost estimate, project plan, test report, documentation.

2.Order the following tasks in terms of the waterfall model: acceptance testing, project planning, unit testing, requirements review, cost estimating, high level design, market analysis, low-level design, systems testing, design review, implementation, requirement specification.

3.How does a phased life cycle model assist software management?


1.What is McCabe’s cyclomatic number? Determine the same for:

2.In Halstead’s metrices, what is the significance of :
(i)operators and operands
(ii)potential operands,
(iv)Estimated length
(vi)Potential volume
(vii)Implementation Level

3.How is effort and time calculated in Halstead method?

4.Why is the number of decisions + 1 an important method for calculating McCabe’s cyclomatic no.? (Ans: It would be very time consuming to have to construct the control flow graph for large programs).

5.Why is monotonicity an important characteristic of a size or effort metric such as Halstead’s effort metric? (Ans: If adding more code can cause the value of the effort metric to decrease, then the metric’s behavior is not understandable. It may also mean that the metric is manipulated).

6.Why is complexity not readily measurable?
(Ans: Complexity is not well defined and each one has different interpretation. It is interaction between person and code that makes it difficult to define). 7.Calculate McCabe’s complexity on the following source code. Draw a control flow graph. Read x,y,z;

Type = ‘scalene’;
If(x= =y or x= =z or y = =x) type = ‘isosceles’;
If(x= =y or x= =z) type...
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