Sociology Quiz 1

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Social status Pages: 10 (1366 words) Published: May 20, 2012
What two sociological perspectives are most linked to macrosociology?

A. symbolic interactionism and functionalism

B. functionalism and the conflict perspective

C. the conflict perspective and symbolic interactionism

D. symbolic interactionism and feminism

Question 2 of 251.0 Points
Which of the following perspectives is most appropriate for a research sociologist to use

A. microsociology

B. macrosociology

C. neither macro nor microsociology

D. both macro and microsociology depending on the situation

Question 3 of 251.0 Points
What are the three primary variables in determining one's social class?

A. race, sex, residence

B. income, education, occupational prestige

C. sex (male or female)

D. one's particular ethnic descent

Question 4 of 251.0 Points
Andrea is an aspiring associate editor for a major publisher. She is single but feels married to her work. Last year she received a $50,000 bonus for the excellent work she did in promoting new textbooks published by her employer. Based on this information, Andrea's ascribed status is ________ and her achieved status is ________.

A. female, married

B. bonus recipient, associate editor

C. married, bonus recipient

D. female, associate editor

Question 5 of 251.0 Points
The difference between status and role is that:

A. status identification is strictly enforced but roles are not

B. we occupy a status which is a social position but play a role which is a social expectation

C. status is voluntary and role is obligatory.

D. status determines social position while role is not significant

Question 6 of 251.0 Points
Which of the following groups is least qualified as a social institution?

A. neighborhood street gangs

B. religion

C. family

D. the military

Question 7 of 251.0 Points
The notion that the mass media represents the varied interests of many groups would reflect a position consistent with ________ theory.

A. exchange

B. conflict

C. functionalist

D. symbolic interactionist

Question 8 of 251.0 Points
Mechanical solidarity is to Gemeinschaft as ________ solidarity is to Gesellschaft.

A. organic

B. tribal

C. folk

D. natural

Question 9 of 251.0 Points
As societies grow larger, they divide work among members based on some standardized characteristic such as age or sex. This is referred to as ________.

A. social solidarity

B. the social imperative

C. the division of labor

D. class structure

Question 10 of 251.0 Points
In the statement "poverty causes crime," the words "poverty" and "crime" are best described as ________ because they are subject to change.

A. unobtrusive measures

B. variables

C. parametric measures

D. correlations

Question 11 of 251.0 Points
What is a statement of how variables are expected to be related to one another, often according to predictions from a theory?

A. correlation

B. hypothesis

C. secondary prediction

D. primary function

Question 12 of 251.0 Points
John developed a questionnaire to measure job satisfaction among industrial workers. He has administered his questionnaire to ten different workers' groups at the same plant and on the same shift but notes the results are inconsistent. John's concern reflects the issue of ________.

A. the reliability of his measure

B. the representativeness of the sample

C. the external validity of his findings

D. the validity of his operational definitions

Question 13 of 251.0 Points
Tiffany has a keen interest in the original theories of William Sheldon on the relationship between body type and juvenile delinquency. She has...
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