Sociology of Technology

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By: Okai M. Aryee, Ph.D. For: Ghana Telecom University College Department: Informatics Date: January 2011

Okai Aryee, Ph.D.

SOCIOLOGY OF TECHNOLOGY (also known as Social Construction of Technology-SCOT) Lesson Plan – First and Second Meetings

Introduction- Much of this information in this course can be found on the Internet. This course attempts to address the social problems that confront Ghana today with emphasis placed on Ghana’s socio-cultural and technological developments. It involves comparing societies who base their decisions on unreliable information and superstition with those societies who use methods based on critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. This course also attempts to assist future graduates of GTCU to develop for Ghana a broad understanding of the world of technology with regard to solving Africa’s Pan African social problems through social construction.

Define Sociology- a scientific study of collective human thought and behavior. Examples are, that field involving the social study of the family is called the Sociology of the Family. That field involving the social study of education is called the Sociology of Education. This course primarily involves the social study of technology as it relates to thought and behavior that precedes technological innovation. Thus, this course is called the Sociology of Technology. (also known as Social Construction of Technology)

Define Technology-reliable knowledge usually acquire through critical thinking and scientific research that is used to develop methods and devices in order to gain more control of the environment. Define Society- a group of people who interact, usually living in the same area and share the same social institutions.

Overall objectives for the course

At the completion of this course students should be able to understand that there is a need for a paradigm shift in the way that Africans think about technology as well the necessity to develop technology rather than to continue being dependent of foreigners for our technological survival.

Topics of Discussion

I. Thinking and the Social Influences on the Perception of Reality/Illusions II. Thinking and the Difference Between Knowledge and Beliefs III. Natural and Social Construction and Their Evolution

IV. Society`s Influence on Technology and visa versa
V. Scientific Sociology – Problem Solving Format
Mid Term
VI. The Pre Historic African-The Old African-The New African VII. Problem Solving- Left Brain/Right Brain
VIII. Social Change and Social Movement
IX. Social Theory/Theorists
X. Pan Africanism

Overall questions for the course

1) If Ghana is to move forward, how do we go about gaining reliable information rather than information based on untruths, fallacies and superstitions? 2) What is the role of society (Ghana) in the development of technology? (3)...
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