Sociology Notes as Level

Topics: Family, Sociology, Nuclear family Pages: 14 (2160 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Study Skills

Listen to others
Respect people
No sharp objects
No technology
No distractions

Identify key terns
Recognise organisational lecture patterns
Relate details to main point
Listen for clues
Take ownership of the information
Paraphrase- don’t just write what you hear
Write down what you don’t know and get help with it
Make new ideas and connect points

Consolidating and understanding
Encourages you to think widely about topic areas
Develop organisation of ideas
Understand everything- ask anyone for help
Gather information
Think about structure
Redraft essays
Check work
Re-write the question if necessary

Deals with the point
Balanced evidence
Back up ideas-accurate evidence
Flows logically- chronologically
P.E.Q, date, title
Beginning, middle, end
No opinions
“Evidence suggests”, “According to”
Quotation marks- name the place you got it from

Adults with children
People that are relate through marriage or by blood
People that care for you
People you’re close to- refer friends as family
Made up of love, care and affection
Emotionally support one another
Parent figures/role models
Romantic love
Primary socialisation
Learning to become human
Norms and values are taught- socially acceptable behaviours- important/political Cornerstone of society- most important institution
Family( families- varied types

|Families |Households | |A family is a group of people generally related by blood ties or |No one is related | |marriage. It consists of people of various ages (adults and their| | |children) who teach each other norms and values in life through |No infants around | |primary socialisation. | | | |They all need jobs to pay for bills | |Share domestic labour | | | |Share domestic labour | |All related | | | |Love, choice, freedom, respect | |Financially beneficial | | | |Respectful of one another and their belongings | |Hierarchy | | | |Live in a household to circumstances and convenience | |No social pressures | | | |No hierarchy | | | | | |Choice of democracy | | | | |...
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