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Week 3 Movie Notes
Rita (hairdresser) - if you want to change you have to do it from the inside out  Professor kicks her out 
Rita barges into rooms, doesn't sit down
Frank's wife left him for literature 
Gets upset at the fact she is still taking birth control and doesn't want to have kids until she discovers herself  Doesn't have courage to go in and leaves the professor a note  Wasn't dressed up enough as everyone else and didn't have expensive wine  Wanted to talk serious with everyone else at the party 

Still hasn't discovered herself, doesn't want to be seen as funny  Thought she should just join in with everyone at the pub singing and drinking She herself is trying to sing a better song (better herself and discover herself) and do something with her life  Father doesn't like the fact that Susan isn't pregnant and she is 27 and married  Denny threatens her saying if she doesn't stop taking the pill and going to university she is out  Susan just wants to get an education because she likes it and it makes her feel good  Rita packed up her things to leave

Professor was drunk during a lecture
Professor doesn’t like the fact that Rita is fading away from him The professors wife leaves him
Rita goes to tell the professor that she doesn’t need him for anything Rita’s friend Trish commits suicide
Professor has to go to Australia

a. Performs a Function Within an Institution/Institution Meets Needs of Society b. Pre-defined: Exists independently of People
c. Script can be Detailed or General
d. Role Set
e. Society (as System) Needs People to Play Roles (How? Socialization and Social Control)

Functionalism also has a need for culture, overall system and how they fit in it What everyone is doing is fulfilling a function
All societies have needs
If you don’t play the role of law abiding citizen you will be punished, circle social control Circle of bringing you back – middle is guilt, next level is need for approval, next level...
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