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Mass media
The significance of new media today
New media – anything that uses new technology that usually involves some process of convergence e.g. phones as they can now access the internet. New media is likely to be digital, interactive and dispersed (not controlled by a single source of professionals). Democracy – rule by the people for the people

Users of new media
What they use it for
The general public
Social networking, shopping etc
Young people
Music downloads, social networking, education
Online games and children’s websites
Single people
Social networking and dating websites
Promoting themselves; social networking
Fraud, illegal download
Shopping, social networking

75% of households have internet access
80% use the internet and only 38% of those online have a social networking site. Internet use is higher is younger people
Advertisers spend more money on internet adverts than TV adverts The media is used for:
Buying and selling
Social networking
Banking/paying bills
Access to news
Pros of new media on individual/society (OPTIMISTIC VIEW)
Cons of new media on individual/society (PESSIMISTIC VIEW)
Consumer society builds as it is cheaper and quicker for companies to advertise on the internet Exploits WC and MEG’s through news, stereotypes, folk devils and media ampflication Faster for many functions such as advertising and research etc Reinforces digital divide as the RC are more likely to posses new media The internet enables us to be democratic as it allows us to see and research information Increases social isolation as those without new media feel less ‘involved’. Allows us to have more knowledge and enhances us intellectually Higher risk of criminal behaviour happening e.g. fraud, illegal downloads and paedophiles of children’s websites Widens consumer choice

Lack of regulation – many things go uncensored and undiscovered

Infotainment – the replacing of news information by entertainment

Enhances the power of the powerful, risking democracy as we only see information from the side of those in power

The mass media
Mass media – the system/structure that communicates information to a large audience Convergence – when you can access the information you want on one device New media
Traditional media
Social networking sites
Music videos/video games

Analysing the media

The Press
Electronic media

Different types
B - elaborate code used for the RC;
T - restricted code used for WC
PSB – public service broadcasting

CSB – commercial service broadcasting
Social networking sites; telecommunications; broadband; computer technology

Specific examples
B – The Guardian, The Independent
T – The Sun, Heat
PSB – BBC (only in the UK)
Twitter, Facebook, Sky, BT, Virgin, Google, YouTube

Patterns of consumption
B – traditionally becoming less popular due to T
B – read by RC & MC
T – read by WC
Decrease in newspaper consumption
We watch TV but less than we used to

BBC2 & 4 restrict WC as they use elaborate code
Internet, mobiles & TV have the highest patterns of consumption. RC are more likely to have internet access than WC. Younger people (aged 16-24) are more likely to use the internet

Theoretical views
Functionalist – media reinforces social order through the N&V’s system Marxist – division of labour is kept as WC cannot become socially mobile due to poor access to information Feminist – dislike how women are portrayed; women that go against portrayal are seen as deviant Functionalist – socialises us with N&V’s, gender roles etc Marxist – selective as it exploits the WC; it is always from the point of view of the RC and those in power Feminist - dislike how women are portrayed; women that go against portrayal are seen as deviant Functionalist – no problem...
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