Sociology Exam Study Guide

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Principles of Sociology Study Guide Exam 1

• Systematic study of human society
• Sociology is a science guided by understanding that the social matters: o our lives are affected not only by our individual characteristics, but by our place in the social world. Sociological Mindfulness

▪ Sociological mindfulness is tuning in to how the social world works ▪ Familiar with surroundings(don’t notice the obvious ▪ Thanksgiving Ex: women cleaning up vs. men watching football. ▪ Families teach infants( adults

▪ School, church, way girls behave, way boys behave ▪ Interdependent
▪ Not accidently; on purpose
▪ Social norms we have to follow
▪ Which we don’t think about.
▪ Interdependent (relying on someone else)
▪ Family (rely on family)
▪ We eat someone else’s food (don’t grow our own food) ▪ Clothes from a store (don’t make our own clothes) ▪ Dependent on society
▪ Behavior response to conditions
▪ Know what we like and don’t like
▪ Appearance differ based on environment
▪ Power
▪ Depending on where you live
▪ White male-president (stereotype)
▪ Certain people are more likely to have power ▪ Black Vs. White (certain people are more likely to have power) ▪ Inequalities created in society Sociological imagination (know how to apply it and define it) ▪ A of view that highlights how society affects the experiences point we have and the choices we make ▪ Soc. Imagination is the ability to look beyond the individual as the cause for success or failure and see how society influences one’s outcome ▪ Sociological perspective doesn’t deny personal choice exists, but emphasizes that our choices are constrained by society ▪ Not solely ones fault

▪ Can’t just look at individual( see how society affected them ▪ Ex: Hurricane Katrina (lives lost)
▪ Without social imagination one might say “Their choice to stay”, poor blacks (wealth disparity) ▪ With soc. Perspective one might say “what if….” Think their choices were constrained by social enviorment ▪ Ex: Obesity

▪ Without soc. STOP eating, workout, medically poor choices ▪ With soc. 1/3 boys and girl overweight, maybe the problem lies with society: Media, children can’t play outside like they use too. (kidnappings) ▪ Not result in choice: quick and convenient meals (busy parents) ▪ Ex: Suicide

▪ Individual vs. society=economic depression ▪ More men kill themselves than women
▪ Use a gun (more violent than women) ▪ Social expectations to live up too
▪ Men keep in their feelings
▪ Women
▪ Pills (easier way to die)
▪ Not be there for their kids (motherly) ▪ Let their feelings out seek help
▪ Non-married are more likely to kill themselves (widowed men) ▪ Suicide pattern

▪ Social structures
o stable patterns of social relations that affect your innermost thoughts and feelings, influences your actions, and thus helps shape who you are ▪ Microstructures
o patterns of intimate social relations formed during face/face interactions

▪ Macrostructures
o patterns of social relations that lie outside and above the circle of intimates and acquaintances ▪ Ex. Patriarchy

▪ Global structures
o patterns of social relations that lie outside and above the national level ▪ Rational Choice Theory...
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