Sociology Chap16 Course Notes

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Soc Chap 16 review questions
Dr. Minnich

1. Discuss three major sociological theories on education. Similarities and differences? 2. Discuss the sociological perspectives on education and inequality. 3. What is school tracking? What are some of the ideas about its impact on education? 4. What is the achievement gap? How do sociologists explain its existence? 5. What are recent shifts in school discipline? How do these shifts impact educational inequality? 6. What educational reforms have taken place in the past decades? 7. What is the relationship between colonialism and low rates of literacy in the developing world? 8. Compare and contrast Habermas, Baudrillard, and Thompson’s theories of the mass media 9. How do sociologists explain the rise of media imperialism? 10. What are the effects of the internet on social relationships? What are some of the inequalities associated with the internet?

1. Schooling is assimilation that focuses on bringing a sense of nationalism and unity Schooling is credentialism— less focused on credentials and curriculum and more and learning and thinking Schooling is producing unequal education due to different social classes receiving different education. 2.Many social classes are taught unequally due to location and maybe bias. Some schools may have more money compared to other poorer schools, and may get better teaching equipment or more extra curricular activities. 3.Dividing students into groups that receive different instruction on the basis of assumed similarities in ability. This somewhat explains why schooling has no effect on social inequalities because children are labeled from the beginning 4.This means that certain groups like African Americans or Native Americans have achieved lower scores on standardized tests compared to white counterparts. They explain it in many ways, ranging from psychological and cultural differences, genetics such as race and gender, as well as...
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