Topics: Sociology, Marxism, Karl Marx Pages: 4 (982 words) Published: May 2, 2014
AQA A2 Sociology revision
Unit 3 (SCLY3) Beliefs in Society                       (scroll down to find SCLY4)  
1. Non-religious belief systems
Ideology, science, hegemony, pluralism, patriarchy, falsification theory and paradigms  
2. Defining religion and measuring religiosity
Substantive and functional definitions
Giddens' and Durkheim's definitions
Ways of measuring religiosity (attendance figures, the census) Problems of measurement - Davie.
3. Functionalism and religion
Durkheim, Parsons, Malinowski, Bellah
Religion as a conservative force
4. Marxism and religion
Marx and Engels
Religion as a conservative force (Marx)
Religion as an initiator of change (Engels)
5. Neo-Marxism and religion
Gramsci, Maduro, Turner
Religion as an initiator of change
6. Feminism and religion
De Beauvoir, El Saadawi, Watson
Religion as a conservative force
7. Weber and religion
Historical study - Calvinism, Lutheranism
Modern view - rationalisation
Religion as a past initiator of change
8. Postmodernism and religion
Lyon, Bauman
9. Religious fundamentalism
Definitions, examples, links to secularisation
10. Religious participation
By social group (age, ethnicity, gender and social class)
11. Religious organisations
Church, cult, sect, denomination
Troeltsch, Weber, Stark & Bainbridge
Wallis - NRMs
Reasons for NRM turnover
12. Secularisation
Arguments for - Wilson, Weber, Bruce (etc)
Arguments against - Durkheim, Parsons, Armstrong
Problems of measuring secularisation - Davie
NEW: my A2 students have produced brief summaries of some of the topics above. Here are their revision notes to help other students.  
Marxism and religion
Marxism is seen as a social conflict perspective and Marxists such as Marx and Engels believe that religion is a tool of the bourgeoisie to maintain control of the proletariat; therefore religion is considered a conservative force. Marx viewed religion as a form of false...
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