Sociology 10

Topics: Gender, Sociology, Gender role Pages: 3 (316 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Test #3
Structural functionalism Popenoe ------------------------------------------------------- social conflict model Stacey Dicorce- bad for kids when
2. economic
3 absent parent
Race and ethnicity
Scapegoat theory
Authoritarian personality theory
Cultural theory
Gender Stratification
Sex vs. gender
Second shift
Pay differentials between men and women
Feminism- definition and types
Only section of sexual orientation
Focus on policy differences that result in the inequality based on sexual orientation Aging
Changing age demographics (draw picture/explain)
Activity theory
Disengagement theory
Effects of social security
Social stratification to family
Social conflict approach to family
Popenoe vs. stacy
Effects of divorce on children

Soc 11/5/12 Gender/ Aging

Men make more money that woman do.  For every dollar a man makes a woman makes 73 cents.  People say it's okay because men work different jobs. 
Why could this be justified?
* Woman take time off - less experienced.              > * Men work more hours.                                     >     Logical reasons for why men make more money than woman. But they are canceled out! * *** Education <---- NOT ANYMORE!               >

EX: If a man and woman go to the same law school, graduate with the same degree, have the same work experience, same background but the man gets paid 100,000 and the woman gets paid 73,000 how is that fair?

50 years ago there were more young people than old people. MORE BABIES                            
Now it's mostly even because of:       
Lower fertility rates
Longer life expectancy

Soc 10 10/29/12 Sex and Gender

Sex and Gender. What is the difference?
Sex - What you are born as. Biological
Gender - What society has to say about masculinity/ femininity. What is learned as we grow up. ** Social Construction....
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