Social Studies 10 Chapter for Questions

Topics: Manitoba, First Nations, Hudson's Bay Company Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Page 135 #1-4

The differneces between the HBC and the NWC is that the HBC had fur traing posts that the natives had to travel to too trade furs or pemmican and the NWC had people travel too the natives to trade. The NWC also would trade them with acohol or other items. The Fur trade would not have survived with out the natives because the the natives hunter and skinned animals for their furs for survival. They had years of pratice. They would also trade pemmican which the white people would rely on durning the winters of traveling long distances for survival. The postive impact of the fur trade was it would give the natives supplys that they didn't have to make farming or hunting eaiser. Negative impacts where they could trade furs for acohol which made them very ill giving them diesease and killing them. The fur trade brought an increase level of conflict between various First Nations because they would fight more for land territory so they could have better game for hunting so they could trade it.

Page 142 #1-2

1. The Metis had establised a farming community in Red River because it had the best farmimg land on the prairies. They could also hunt bision on this land. 2. The bison hunt was important to the Metis because it provided meat and hides for them. They would drie the meat to make pemmican and trade it with the fur traders and the NWC. Pemmican was high in calories and protien and could be stored in leather bags for years.

Page 149 #1-5

1. The European settlement had an impacted on the Metis because the settlers tried to take the Metis land. They Metis rebelled burning down buildings, destroying crops and firing rifles at night. 2. Lord Selkik was called a “unrealistic idealist” because he thought he could help the tenant farmers by bringing them to the Red River Valley, this would benefit the HBC as it was expensive for them to ship food and other supplies to their employees in...
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