Soc 144 Final Paper

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SOC 144: Chican@ Community Final Paper The Chican@ community confronts a range of social issues (including but not limited to: educational, economic, and cultural). Despite the significant challenges the Chican@ community faces, it has continuously organized in an effort to eradicate the sources of those social inequalities and produce social change. The Chican@ community’s political activities range from mass political mobilizations to acts of individual resistance.

For this assignment, you may choose from these two main themes: 1) Social issues affecting the Chican@ community **If you decide to address the theme of “social issues,” you should choose one (1) social issue. Avoid addressing more than one social issue so that you may provide an in-depth, adequate, and coherent analysis of your chosen social issue affecting the Chican@ community. Some examples of social issues are: education, labor market, language, immigration, and incarceration. OR 2) Activism/social change within the Chican@ community. **If you decide to address the theme of “activism/social change,” you may choose a mass political mobilization/movement or analyze individual-level forms of resistance. Some examples of mass political resistance include the Chican@ Movement, the Walk Outs, United Farm Workers (UFW), and Justice for Janitors (J4J). For this option, make sure you address what lead to the creation of the social movement/activism. You may also analyze some of the means through which the Chicana@ community attempts to produce social change. For example, how the Chican@ community employs art and music to create social change and/or demonstrate resistance. Another example can be how religious practices are used to create political significance and challenge mainstream attempts to ignore histories and traditions of people of color (e.g. Day of the Dead).

SOC 144: Chican@ Community Whatever theme you choose, make sure you contextualize it within Chican@ history. Some questions you...
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