Significant People and Events from the 1600s-1700s

Topics: Salem witch trials, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Significant People and Events from the 1600s-1700s

Significant People:

Anne Hutchinson- She was a Puritan. She came to the Americas so she could have religious freedom, but when she settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, she found out that there wasn’t any “religious freedom.” She believed that all you needed was faith to go to Heaven. She started a women’s club and was soon recognized by many. The men (esp. John Winthrop) started to get worried that she could possibly become a leader. Remember that women were below men in those days, so anything they said wasn’t really heard. So what Anne was doing was kind of a “threat” to the men. John Winthrop then took her into custody, because he accused her of Antinomianism. This action led to the famous “Antinomian Controversy” in 1636-1637. She was convicted and ended up being banished from the colony. Anne Hutchinson’s story shows us the hardships endured by women in those days, and the value of freedom.

John Winthrop- He was one of the first founders and Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He believed that the colony should be a community of people who all believe in God and worship Him. Anyone who was there to practice a different religion or have other beliefs about God/Heaven would be persecuted or banished. He stated that you could do anything, as long as what you did was for God. John Winthrop helped shape the government system and was a great political and religious leader.

Thomas Hooker- He was a minister. John Cotton, another leader, said only men who were members of the church and held property could vote, Thomas did not concur with this statement. He believed all men should be heard and be able to vote. The aftermath of his belief was the Connecticut Colony. In 1636 Thomas Hooker adopted the first written constitution, or The Fundamental Orders. Here would be where his principles would be practiced. Thomas Hooker was a memorable leader of his time, and helped shape the way America is...
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