Shaving by George Leslie Norris

Topics: Anxiety, Shaving, Ritual Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: December 12, 2013
by George Leslie Norris pg. 323
1. How are father and son alike? The father and son were alike because they were both responsible and family came first. They were both men. How are they different? They were different because Barry was strong and athletic and the father was frail and sick. “his father’s throat was fleshless and vulnerable” shows the father’s utter dependence on Barry, and the fact that his life virtually lies in his son’s hands Barry’s size and strength shows that he has made the physical change from boyhood to manhood, while the shaving of his father itself shows that he is still making the mental and emotional transition into manhood. Describe the relationship between father and son. How do they feel about each other? How do you know? Barry loved his father enough to want to come home to him instead of going out with his friends. His father was a man who always had to have things just right. As soon as he realized that his son was able to take his place he loved him and trusted him enough to die, knowing his wife and son would be in good hands. Of what significance is Barry’s athletic prowess? He is becoming a man. How does it help reveal his character? In the beginning of the story it talked about him being small “a few years back” and at the end of the story it talked of his “small” hands “not very long ago”. Barry was shown as growing from a small boy to man in several places in this story. Barry’s athletic prowess was significant because this shows he is maturing into a man that can accept his father’s death and the responsibility to take over as the man of the house, also, when his father realized how strong he was he and asked about his son’s age. He recognized that his son had the strength to take over as man of the house. 2. Why is the shaving equipment described in such detail? Shaving is a ritual. Barry’s father liked things just right. Barry methodically cleaned every piece of shaving equipment showing love and...
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