Sexism in animation

Topics: Gender, Character, Hero Pages: 1 (497 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Reasons why Anime is not sexist?
It’s not actual videos, its animation! Its actual art! It’s just the artists opinion of what he/she thinks is beautiful; it’s his/her way to express art. If you call (picture 1) this sexist, than you may as well call this (picture 2) sexist. And yes, you could argue that picture 2 is a feminine hero who just went through war well the same thing happens in picture 1! It’s is just a modern, fiction version of picture 2! Unless you have something against fiction, this shouldn’t be a problem! These pictures are just artists expressing themselves through their talent! Anime artists like to exaggerate their artwork, widening eyes and adding large hair oddly but uniquely adds simple detail! Apart from the fact that doing this (point at picture 3)

would be too simplistic, and this (point at picture 2) would take forever to turn into an animation, so it’s in the middle anyway; imperfections are supposed to make you beautiful, so why can’t you call picture 1 beautiful? You would never find someone like this in real life, which is unique because artwork does not always have to be (point at picture 2) realistic. Remember artwork can go from realistic (point at picture 2) to unrealistic (point at picture 4)

It’s just an example of characterisation. You can’t really make a story without characters can you?! There is a reason why you can’t spell characterisation without character! You may ask,
“But why does it have to show cleavage?”
Well why does picture 2 have to show cleavage? Because every detail of picture 2 is important to the story, same as picture one. “But it’s sexualising women!”
Is this (picture 2) sexualising women? If no: then neither is this (picture 1)! If yes: so what?! “It’s just making the women seem helpless and innocent.” Well if you ask this question, you haven’t seen this anime! I’m almost certain that any anime for people under the age of 18+...
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