Severed Hand Case

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Autopsy and Biological Evidence
- Coroner’s (Of Yoknapatawpha County) Summary Report
Autopsy Report
Andrew R. Fine
DOB: 10/17/62
40 YRS
5’ 10”
170 lbs
Path MD: J. Johnson (COR)
EST DEATH: BETWEEN 7/4/03 AND 7/11/03
Autopsy date: 7/16/03 @ 8:00
External Examination
In black body bag
Wearing: yellow short-sleeved, collared knot shirt in MED., blue denim jeans in 34W 32L, white socks, and athletic shoes 10 Dirt in body (possibly buried unprotected in earth)
Normally developed body; well-nourished Caucasian
Cold after refrigeration
Preservation of unembalmed body is poor
Permanent lividity on posterior side.
2-inch long gray and brown hair
Eyes are closed and irises are blue
Pupils measure 0.5 cm
Teeth are natural and in fair repair
Neck is symmetric and unremarkable
Anterior chest is symmetric; 2 distant GSWs
(1) 2 inches to left of left nipple (fatal)
(1) 2 inches above and ½ inch to left of left nipple (fatal) Abdomen is unremarkable
External genitalia are male; distant GSW
(1) 6 inches below and 1-1/2 inches to left of navel (non-fatal) Back is symmetrical
Left upper extremity is normally developed and intact
Right upper extremity is normally developed and hand has been amputated at the wrist Non-fatal and post-mortem
Lower extremities are symmetric, normally developed and intact No residual scars, markings or tattoos
Body was ID through fingerprints and dental recors as that of Andrew Fine. Internal Examination
Lacerations transversing left lung, heart, muscle tissue, blood vessels of left and upper chest cavity; consistent with GSW impact All other organs are within normal limits. No pathological disease conditions or congenital anomalies were observed Toxicological Studies

N/A not in system must have been killed at a certain time after bar night at Duffy’s Evidence Collected
Blood Samples (O+), bile, tissue (heart, lung, brain, kidney, liver, and spleen) Samples of sol residue from external body and clothing
5 foreign pubic hairs –WHO’S?
10 autopsy photos
1 post-mortem CT scan
1 post-mortem MRI
3 hollow point bullet fragments (from what gun?)
Cause of Death
Many GSWs
Mechanism of Death
Cardiac lacerations from GSWs
Manner of Death

Autopsy of Hand
Hand of Caucasian male
19 cm from wrist to tip of middle finger; 907 grams
Unembalmed and in early stages of putrefaction
Hand is coated with light layer of soil (Soil samples collected) Callused pal and lower fingers indicates the victim did manual labor; fingernail scrapings collected for analysis Rate of decomposition and indication that the hand had been buried for the undetermined period suggests that it has not been intact with the body for an estimated 7-14 days. (Body found on 14th, puts date of death between 7th- 11th.) No residual scars, markings or tattoos

IDed to be Andrew Fine’s

Description of Injuries- Summary
Complete distal and ulna fractures
Amputation of the right hand just below the wrist
Non-fatal. Effected with a moderately sharp, non-serrated blade.

Internal Examination- Summary
- Toxicological Studies
- Evidence Collected
Sample of Blood (O+)
2 autopsy photos
1 post-mortem x-ray


Incident/Arrest Report
Reported: 7/15/03 @ 3:10 pm
Offense: TBD
Location: 175 Reagle Farm Rd, Oxford
Date and time of offense: UNKNOWN
Person 1
Victim; adult, foul play suspected
Andrew Fine
Injury: fatal; 3 GSW to torso; right hand amputated (not found at scene) Person 2
Suspect; adult; no foul play suspected
John Reagle
Items of Evidence/ Property Recovered
Taken into evidence:
1 brown, western-style leather men’s wallet with cowboy and bronco embossed on front; recovered from Fine’s right rear pant’s pocket 1 Colt Defender 90 lightweight .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, Capacity 8 rounds total, 3 missing! (VIC’S 3 GSW WOUNDS!!) 3 .45 caliber bullet casings; recovered from the soil surrounding P1’s body Reporting Officer’s Narrative:...
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