Servant Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Servant leadership, Management Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: June 21, 2013
The basis of servant leadership is instilling the organizations vision in your people and assisting them to succeed. Servant leaders are motivated to help others reach their goals. Servant leaders lead with compassion. They are not self centered or driven to move up the ladder. They believe their sole responsibility is to improve the organization by giving of themselves to the front line employees because they are the people who will make the company successful (Ken Blachard Companies, 2010) This giving includes time, energy, empowerment, backing decisions, encouragement, and guidance. Servant leaders are humble and are not worried about feeding their egos. They focus on listening to their employees and developing them. They believe their team is the reason for their success and the team is what makes the company succeed. I believe servant leaders are necessary in organizations. This type of leader improves moral, strokes the ego of their direct reports, eliminates road block for their team, and empowers their teams to greatness. They create a team that is very loyal with low employee turnover. They develop people to excel in the company. They motivate, coach, teach, and support their team. (Ken Blachard Companies, 2010) Great servant leaders have a team that performs out of respect and loyalty. I think you can train servant leaders, but not all people can be a successful servant leader. It is difficult to teach compassion and selflessness.

Values are defined by Rokeach (1973) that it is as prescriptive, enduring standards that have cognitive, affective and behavioral components. Values are not naturally but it is the process of personal development through family, friends, education, religion and experiences. Individual would have different value depend on these elements. Those who grow up in strong value society behave more ethically than who do not. In consequence, their own values affect the way they communicate with people, the way they resolve their...
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