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Sensational Journalism

By vivkaj Jun 09, 2012 453 Words
‘’The Role of Sensational Journalism in IndIan MedIa’’ By Vivette Kajal Helen 102516045 MBA M&E

What is Sensational Journalism?
Reporting about insignificant matters and events that

don't influence or benefit the overall society.
Mainly where events and topics in news stories and

pieces are over-hyped.
In simple terms a type of bias in mass media.

 Sensationalism is what drives Indian media today in complete force.  A news is always sex, superstition, suicide and crime.  Media is forgotten about True Journalism  News has now become the new

reality show for people.

 Factors that lead to sensationalism  Is sensationalism a business?

 Any ethics followed while sensationalizing?
 Major issues sensationalized unwantedly?  Future without sensationalism?

       Qualitative Research Stratified sampling method Target audience – Indian Journalists’ Sample size – 34 Geographically restricted to India. Questionnaires distributed through facebook and emails. Data collection - MS Excel and Google docs

      The masses are of the opinion that media has undergone a sea change. Legitimizing local news nationally. Appetite for news relating to parliament or government policies are limited. Madhur Mittal, a 3rd generation automobile dealer wants to start up 4 news channels. The filthy news are supported by certain popular journalists like Tarun Tejpal, editor of Tehelka magazine. Indian news market growing at about 19 percent annually due to these fabricated news.


 Present Journalism is a combination of sensational and ethical.  Majority of the journalists’ love reporting by adding an extra pinch of

 Politics is the major area prone to sensationalism.  Struggling media agencies had to fabricate news.  Vast difference in the work style of reputed agencies and less reputed agencies.  Glorifying the inhuman nature to increase the revenue.  Freedom of expression been taken for granted.

 Non sensational journalism is possible only if some actions are taken by the Press Council of India.

 Crises must be handled with maturity and responsibility.  Aim in promoting the positive issues as headline grabbers.  Stop praising or abusing the culprits and victims.  Respect the personal life of politicians, celebrities or any other VIP’s.

 News organizations have to make sure that
it has a seasoned, sharp & ethically oriented news editor as gatekeeper  Hold a strong position for ethics in the midst of work pressure

 Indian media is getting more corrupt and unprofessional.

   

T.V channels and newspapers are ready to pursue any news for readership and TRP. Journalists’ cannot ignore sensationalism because their work life would be

at stake.
No enough senior editors and gatekeepers to train the upcoming professionals. Competition also results in less ethics. Media blatantly express vulgar news because there is no body to take actions against them.

“ An uncontrolled pen serves but to destroy”- Gandhiji


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