Senior Project Final Report Guide

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BUSN460 Senior Project
Final Report and Presentation Guide
The object of this course and this project is to provide you with a realistic situation that you are likely to face in the real world business environment. You'll be working with limited information, limited support from your client, within a limited time frame - and yet, you have to get up to speed in a new area quickly, and make informed professional recommendations based on your research and analysis. You and your team have been hired by CanGo as consultants to help them improve their fast-growing business. The management team at CanGo is busy, not entirely organized and somewhat overwhelmed by their success. They are looking to you as an objective, intelligent, experienced business person - and to your combined experience as a team to help them figure out what they should do in several areas of their business. CanGo can provide very little guidance to you - if they knew what they were doing they wouldn't have asked you for help! CanGo is your customer, and they are paying you a great deal of money, so the tone of your work on the project should be that of information addressed to the Board of Directors of this company, and it should be the best professional work of your (academic) career. You should approach this project as if your job depended on it - as if it were paying your mortgage and grocery bill. This project is your new job. In previous courses you have been given specific guidelines, templates and rubrics, but in this course it is up to you to put together the best approach to each project and challenge brought to you by your client. You should draw on all of your past classes to thoroughly address the requirements of this project – marketing, accounting, finance, human resources management, composition and business writing, business policy, information technology, etc. Your efforts should show that you are using all of the tools in your toolbox. The board at CanGo is looking for well supported recommendations, backed up by solid, high quality research, analysis and numbers that support your guidance. They are looking for facts, not opinions. They are looking for objectivity, not ad copy from a vendor's website. They are looking for your best work, because they really need your help. Final Presentation and Report

This final report will outline your team's observations and analysis of CanGo as revealed by all of the videos viewed during the course. Based upon this input, your team will include in its final definitive report a description as what you believe are CanGo's notable challenges and the team's recommended solutions to those challenges. You have 7 weeks to learn about the CanGo situation, and simultaneously work to build your substantive recommendations for making it better. This is a real world work situation that analysts face every day, where we have been contracted for a tidy sum to help objectively steer a company toward the next step in their evolution by delivering the most thorough, in-depth and incredibly competent analysis possible, given the time and space allowed.  Customers don't provide templates, rubrics and hints in the real world, they look to us, the educated, trained professionals, for that structure - and they definitely expect to get their money's worth. We're not here to summarize, we are here to provide strategic INSIGHT, based on everything you've learned in your various experiences (DVU classes). The final paper draws from what you've learned that over the course of the videos and resulting analysis reports, but takes it to a higher level with market research, competitive analysis, financial analysis, and strategic recommendations. Telling me a great deal of what I already know as the client (recapping what is presented in the class) is not a good idea. The team video analysis reports provide a basis of fact from which to work on the final paper and presentation, which are to be completely separate...
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