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Topics: Texas, Fort Worth, Texas, Arlington, Texas Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Oldest community in N. Texas
Late 1840s called bird’s fort
Arlington has the most people commuting out than any city in the country •Metroplex has more people than 33 other states
Arlington is the largest mid-city in America
1884, Arlington became official
Was a train stop, then a college town, gambling mecca
Was famous for half a century for Arlington crystals (like Epsom salts) •Pancho, a texas ranger, raids the casino at the top of the hill restaurant and casino •$4,000 fine, 40-50 were taken to county jail

Earring home, girls had babies there and was orphanage
1950 arlington changed the way it looked at itself
GM puts plant in Arlington
1900-1950 people left farms for the big city
1950 people leave city for suburbs, then Arlington explodes •Six flags built and succeeds, becomes top commercial tourist draw in Texas(behind the Alamo which is free) •Rangers come to Arlington

Now majority is minority population. Hispanic then anglo then African then Asian •At large representation- the high income, high class control everything •Everyone can vote, but others just don’t vote in large enough numbers •Single member districts-carved out certain areas to make sure everyone is accounted for •City council has districts

Mayor could be selected from inner council-ft.worth used to do this •Dallas citizens council-carol thomets (1963). Ran by elite white men •1930s state fair of texas relocated to dallas since dallas citizens council gets it there(depths of depression) •Stanley Marcus was not allowed on dallas citizens council since he was jewish •Coit rode, shepps not allowed since jewish

Had to be white protestant male, but not anymore
Today, it’s not as powerful
Fort Worth 7th street “Gang”
Amon Carter, Babe Fuqua (biggest member)
Met at the fort worth club
Doesn’t exist today, but elite still exist, just not as powerful •Powerful elites began to fall apart
San Antonio Good Gov’t League
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