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The best way I can build confidence while speaking is to prepare and practice prepared speeches. Elaboration
This is true because preparation will make it less likely for the presence of the fear that you are not adequately prepared. ”Lilly Walters (1993), speech consultant and author of Secrets of Successful Speakers, estimates that careful preparation can reduce anxiety by as much as 75 percent. Researchers also found that taping yourself, speaking in front of a mirror and practicing before an audience will make you a better overall speaker.” Example

For example, Analyzing your audience and planning for a presentation as well as writing easy to follow notes are just a few steps to prepare for a speech properly. Also speaking out loud is a very important step in practicing speeches. Illustration

In my college writing class, we were required to give an 8 minute speech, I remember I had not practiced reading my speech out loud. As a result, as I was listening to myself, I became more nervous and ended up speaking too fast. With proper preparation I would not have made that mistake and would have had a more successful speech. Statement – the most important reason to give proofs for claims is to clarify concepts and to add evidence to your points. Elaboration – This is true because without the use of proofs or evidence to support your claim, your speech lacks the material to convince the audience into believing what you have to say. There are different types of support that accomplish different things. As a speaker, it is important to what the types of support can do for you speech. Example – For example, using a variety of supports is one of the best ways to to keep your audience paying attention. It is unlikely that all of your listeners will respond to the same type of support in the same way. Some listeners are most interested in the statistical data provided to support your claim, while others pay attention during the humerous anecdotes. Using...
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