Sea Floor

Topics: Plate tectonics, Ocean, Oceanography Pages: 2 (914 words) Published: October 3, 2014
What are conditions like on the seafloor? It is in absolute darkness, with temperatures near freezing. The water is 3.5 kilometers high and exerts a pressure hundreds of times greater than atmospheric pressure on Earth. What is the main type of igneous rock found on the seafloor? Basaltic rock is heavy and sinks forming the world’s deep ocean basins. Describe the topography of the seafloor: shelf, slope, canyons, rise, and abyss. Continental shelf, the most shallow and accessible region, they cover 1/6 of Earth’s surface. Continental slope from the edge of the continental shelf to the deep ocean. Continental rise is a huge long shallow slope where debris coming off the continent is deposited, and is a gradual slope. Submarine canyons are deep v-shaped valleys that furrow continental shelves and slopes. The abyssal plain is beyond the continental rise and is the flattest region on Earth and is formed as layer upon layer of sediment settles on the ocean floor What are terrigenous and pelagic sediments? Pelagic sediment consists of organic and inorganic matter and is not restricted to the abyssal plain, but occurs throughout the oceans. The entire surface of the sea floor is volcanic in origin. What do oceanic ridge systems represent? The ridges are connected in a single system snaking across the undersea landscape from one ocean to another. What is found at the crest of the oceanic ridges? A cliff rimmed valley extending along much of its length. The walls and the floor of this valley are split by numerous fissures. Discuss the age of the ocean floor as it relates to the oceanic ridge systems. There was a great disparity between the age of continental crust and oceanic crust. The rock under the continents is 4 billion years old and the oldest rock found beneath the ocean was 200 million years old. Fossils of marine organisms were found and were 2.8-3.5 billion years old. The oceans did exist throughout Earth’s history but what has happened to the crust? What...
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