Sci/162 Principles of Health and Wellness

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Week 1
1. Assignment: Scavenger Hunt
2. 1. List the two goals of Healthy People 2010?   Two goals of healthy people 2010 are Increase Quality and Years of Healthy Life and Eliminate Health Disparities

  2. List two options available for accessing information on the page of Healthy People 2010? Two options for accessing information on the page are the resource listing and the search engine.

  3. What are three of the leading health indicators listed on the Healthy People 2010 site? Three leading healthy indictors’ listed on healthy people 2010 are Physical Activity, Overweight and Obesity, and Tobacco use.

  4. What are the three partners listed on the Implementation page? Three partners listed on the implementation page are Federal Agencies, Healthy People Consortium, and MOU Partners.

  5. List two search options that are available when you click the Search tab? Two search options that are available when you click the search tab are This Website and Latest Data.

  6. How many focus areas are listed within the page? There are 28 focus areas are listed in the

  7. List three of the priorities listed when you click on Leading Health Indicators and select the LHIs: Priorities for Action link. Physical Activity, Overweight and Obesity, and Tobacco use

  8. What part of the Web site did you find most useful? The topics and objectives tab is most useful because it provides a lot of good information on different topics.

  9. What resources located on this Web site would you consider using in the future? Again, the topics and objectives tab because it gives me a lot of insight on a lot of diseases and health issues. It also gives you good resources do research as well.

  10. Which part of the Web site did you find to be the most interesting? Be a healthy Person was most interesting for me. 3.
Week 1 DQ 1
think that every person has their own opinion as to what is important when it comes to health and wellness. I think that you physical health is important. I am not huge but I am not small. I do not work out but I have a baby so I am very active. I think social health is a very important part of health and wellness. I think those who do no interact with others are more depressed. I love to talk to other and be involved in social events. I think if you stay home all the time and never talk to anyone, it puts you down. Emotional health is something I need to work on. I hold many things in to try and not hurt anyone but in the end, I explode. I think that is an important I had a friend who killed herself because instead of talking about how she felt she stayed to herself. It is crazy because she was out going and fun to be around. I really think it is something I need to work on. I think that all parts of health and wellness are important but these are the knows that stick out to me. Week 1 DQ 2

Being positive can help individuals overcome challenges by allowing them to realize their true potential. Individuals who have negative attitudes often give up on tasks and challenges without truly putting effort into the situations. Along with this idea, is the element of fear as discussed by Sarah Reinertsen. When she talks about fear being something that one cannot allow to stop them is very integral part of a positive frame of mind. Fear can be a blinding force making challenges seem insurmountable. Pushing through these fears can have a positive effect and increase one’s self confidence.  In line with a positive attitude is the idea of balancing mind and body. If the body is weak or tired this can have the same affect on the mind. As well when an individual is mentally fatigued or depressed this state can cause the body to feel sluggish. Find the balance between mind and body is not an easy thing. There are many methods and they all seem to vary. But a healthy dose of exercise and eating properly mixed...
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