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1.Become more marketable.
More and more companies make having a Bachelor's degree a requirement. Bachelor's degree is the new high school diploma. With more and more companies using database searches for recruitment you may not get a chance to even show your portfolio if a college degree is not a part of your resume. 2.Learn new skills.

When you work you often don't have time to devote to learning new skills that aren't directly related to the task at hand. Yet, this can be personally and professionally rewarding. I learned video and even got a chance to show at a couple of festivals. 3.Get into teaching or management.

Bachelor's degree is a requirement for teaching and management positions, at least in big cities. Of course, there might be exceptions but those are few. A degree doesn't guarantee you'll become an art director but at least you'll be in the running. 4.Experience college life. Or not.

Your experience can vary depending on whether you live on campus or not, how much free time you have, and other personal factors. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. 5.Change career focus.
Maybe you worked in print for over ten years and you're getting bored with it. The grass looks so much greener over in the web design field. Although you can make the switch without a degree, the knowledge and experience from college certainly won't hurt. You'll have more credibility and confidence.

Twentysomething: Be responsible, go back home after college
By Ryan Healy - According to, 60 percent of college graduates move home with mom and dad after graduation and the trend is on the rise. The statistic holds true with my friends from the class of 2006. More than half moved back to the suburbs to start adult life, much the same way they ended high school life — with their parents. A lot of people say generation Y needs to grow up and take some personal responsibility and that we have been coddled by our helicopter parents (see the comments section). But when you look closely, it is glaringly apparent that moving back in with parents is one of the the most responsible things a new college grad can do. By sucking it up at home for a year or two, young people give themselves the opportunity to take control of their career, take control of their finances and transition from the care-free college fantasy world to the real-world of work, marriage, kids, mortgages and car payments. Take control of your career

To live comfortably in a big city like New York, students are forced to take a high paying, but less than satisfying job. Often, top graduates end up working for the best paying investment bank or law firm. I'm sure you could find a small minority of conservative students who had dreams of becoming an I-banker since middle school, but for the most part these jobs are going to the top tier students who are trying to make a quick buck before they retire at 30 (or so they say). By moving home after graduation, you have little or no rent which allows for more freedom when searching for a job. There is no need to sell out to an investment bank if your real goal is to work with underprivileged children. Depending on where your parents are located, you are probably missing out on the big city night life and social scene, but you have lots of opportunities to find the perfect job, regardless of pay. If ditching the social scene for career sake doesn't demonstrate responsibility and independence, I don't know what does. Take control of your finances

Real wages today are lower than they were for the past two generations of workers. Couple that fact with today's insane housing costs and an increase in contract workers not receiving benefits, just getting by on forty or fifty thousand a year in a major city is nearly impossible. Attempting to save any reasonable amount of money the first few years is a joke. However, moving home with mom and dad will immediately save you about $700 a month in housing costs. At least there is...
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