Scc Fall 2012 Syllabus English 101

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Welcome to English 101! This course is designed to help you attain the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills that are necessary for both academic and professional success.

Course Purpose:
The five general purposes of this course include teaching:
                1.  rhetorical and logical principles related to development of significant expository content in intelligently organized essays, paragraphs, and sentences;                 2.  critical reading;

                3.   acceptable diction and sentence mechanics;                 4.   the writing process with a focus on prewriting and revision strategies;                 5.   use of library's research tools and the techniques of the documented paper.

Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Use the writing process to compose essays—including research papers in the MLA format—that contain unity, coherence, development, logic, grammatical precision, and selection of appropriate sources and their correct use. 2. Analyze written and visual texts for content, structure, rhetorical strategies, visual and written techniques, and grammatical precision. Required Texts:

* Cohen, Samuel. 50 Essays: A Portable Anthology. 3rd ed. * Silverman, Jay, Elaine Hughes, and Diana Wienbroer. Customized Version of Rules of Thumb: A Guide for Writers for Santiago Canyon College. 8th ed. * Various essays and short stories that are available online and must be printed

Required Materials:
Internet and printing access

Your homework assignments (required reading and other) are listed on the course outline. If you miss class however, email a classmate to be sure the homework has not been revised. Whether or not you did your homework will be checked through class discussions, quick writes, and pop quizzes. Homework points are factored into your participation grade.

Concept Exams:
There will be 4 exams in this course. The content will vary but it will always address concepts we’ve gone over in class and the reading assignments. Each exam is worth 25 points.

Essays: There are four essays required in this course. Each essay must follow standard MLA guidelines which require the following format: * Your paper must be typed and double-spaced with one-inch margins on each side. * On the first page, you must write your name, my name, course title and date in the top left hand corner. * Your title must be centered. Capitalize principle words. Do not underline, bold-face, italicize, or do anything else to it. * You can only use 12-point Calibri.

* Your last name and page number must appear on the top right hand corner (header) on each page except the first one. You can refer to the MLA links provided online to find examples of MLA format. Further essay requirements will be elaborated on in class.

Each essay is worth 100 points.

Essay Revision Policy:
You may revise and improve the grade of Essay 1 and Essay 2. However, in order to submit a revision for a better grade, you must do the following: 1) Enroll in Eng N91 and discuss your rough draft with your Writing Center instructor before you submit the essay to me. (Provide proof that you have discussed your rough draft with WC instructor.) 2) Submit your essay on time. No exceptions.

3) After you receive your grade, discuss graded essay with me before or after class so we can discuss your revision plan. 4) Submit the revised essay to me before the revision due date. **Note: If you do not meet all of the above-mentioned criteria, I will not accept your revision. You are responsible to meet all of the criteria and know all relevant due dates (see Course Outline); I will not remind you.

Late Policy for Essays:
Please submit your essays on time. All of our essays will be submitted online. Be aware that unwanted computer/internet/electronic issues arise and you should allow yourself enough time to deal with such issues should they occur.

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