Sc300 Unit 1

Topics: Power cord, Power, IEC connector Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: June 17, 2013
Scenario: You are getting ready to log in to your favorite Devry University Course, SC300 – Big Ideas in Science, and your computer will not turn on. Now what?!

Why won’t my computer turn on? As I am trying to log into my seminar for my SC300 the power wont turn on and I need to figure out why. After doing some research on-line at website I was able to find some trouble-shooting tips and typical reasons why computers normally don’t turn on. After reading the different option posted I have come up with two different hypothesis to why my computer wont turn on.

1.The power cord isn’t properly plugged into the power source. 2.My power is off.
I plan to test my hypothesis of my power being off by checking to see if any of my other electronic devices are having the same problem or if I can turn a light on in my house. I am able to turn on lights in the house and I am also able to power on my TV so that hypothesis is incorrect.

My other hypothesis is that the power cord isn’t plugged into the power source. I will test this hypothesis by checking to make sure that my power cord is plugged into my power surge correctly as well as making sure that the power cord is properly plugged into the modem. After checking the power cord I was able to prove this hypothesis correct because the power cord wasn’t plugged into the power surge strip at all, which is why the computer wouldn’t power on.

I have come to the conclusion that due to the fact that my computer wasn’t plugged into the power outlet correctly is the reason why I couldn’t power on my computer in order to log into my favorite KU Course SC300
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