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Cargo Handling Safety
1. Why cargo gear should be inspected visually before the start of cargo operation? All cargo handling gears should be inspected before the cargo operation is commenced to ensure that all gears are in good working condition in order to prevent any accident and/or damage to cargo, ship, and/or injuries and loss of human lives. 2. Why SWL of equipment should never be exceeded? Safe Working Load (SWL) is the allowable load of block, wires, ropes, derrick booms, crane jibs, hooks and lifting beams. Therefore, the SWL of the equipment should not be exceeded, otherwise, the safety of cargoes and the crew will be jeopardized. 3. Explain the importance of frequently checking cargo gears during cargo operation. During cargo operation process, routine inspections on all cargo gears must be conducted for any sign of wear and tear. If found defective, cargo operations are immediately stopped and corrective actions and preventive maintenance must be carried out. 4. Why a mechanically or hydraulically operated hatch should be close or opened by ships crew under the supervision of a responsible office? When operating hydraulic hatch, opening or closing it should be done with the presence of a responsible officer for safety purposes.

Care of Cargo During the Voyage
1. Why lashing of cargoes shall be checked and tightened everyday? Cargo lashings should be checked and tightened everyday for security and safety purposes. When the ship is put to sea, it is subject to external forces, which result in six modes of motion. Cargo stowed on deck is also exposed to the forces of wind and of seas breaking on deck. If the cargo is insufficiently secured, it may move freely and be damaged or cause damage to other cargo or to the ship s structure and fittings due to the motion of the ship at sea. Cargo stowed on deck with insufficient lashings may be lost at sea in adverse weather. It may be washed overboard, causing loss to its owner, possibly damage to the marine...
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