Sample Resource Unit/Lesson Plan for Pedia Nursing

Topics: Nursing, Health, Physical examination Pages: 7 (2225 words) Published: June 20, 2013

Intermediate Outcome Criteria| Content| Teaching Learning Activities| No. Of Hours| Evaluation| Reference| After the one-hour lecture the students will be able to: a. Understand the health adaptation of pediatric clients b. Enumerate and differentiate the sequence of physical examination of various age groups. c. Identify the guidelines in terms of pediatric adaptation. d. Role play the proper sequence of physical examination in various age groups| Unit III: Health HistoryE. Pediatric Adaptation 1. General Guidelines 1.a. Pediatric Neurology 1.b. Pediatric Cardiovascular 1.c. Pediatric Respiratory 1.d. Pediatric Endocrine 1.e. Pediatric Gastrointestinal 1.f. Pediatric Genitourinary 1.g. Pediatric Musculoskeletal 1.h. Pediatric Temperature – Related 1.i. Pediatric Hematology 2. Specific Age Groups 2.a. The Infant 2.b. The Toddler 2.c. The Preschool Child 2.d. The School - Age Child 2.e. The Adolescent| Classroom| RLE| Lecture| RLE| * A 10-minute game (Snake and Ladder Modified) * 15-item quiz| Kozier, B. et al (2004) Fundamentals of Nursing 7th edition, Pearson Education South Asia PTE assessment| | | Lecture, Discussion| Group Activity: The class is divided into 5 groups. Each group is assigned to an age-group (infant, toddler, preschool, school-age, and adolescent) and tasked to demonstrate the proper sequence and proper guidelines of physical examination in a form of a role play (a 15 minute role play)| 1 hour| 1 hour| | | After the one-hour lecture the students will be able to: a. Differentiate the general guidelines in terms of geriatric adaptation from pediatric adaptation. b. Utilize the physical examination modifications in the elderly for a better clinical outcome. c. Appreciate the importance of knowing the modifications and guidelines in conducting health assessment in the elderly. | F. Geriatric Adaptation 1. General Guidelines * Vital Signs * Skin * Head and Neck * Chest and Back * GI System * Male Genitourinary System * Female Reproductive System * Musculoskeletal System * Feet * Neurologic System * Nutritional Status 2. Modifications * Position * Preparation * Sequence| Library Visit(prior to the lecture, the students are tasked to search this topic on the library)Lecture Input sharing (the students are asked to share the things learned about the topic)| Visit in a nursing home and list down the identified changes in elders| 1 hour| 3 hours| * Sample physical examination recording * 15-item quiz|| After seven hours of lecture and demonstration the students will be able to: a. Identify the purpose of the physical health assessment b. Explain the significance of selected physical findings c. Identify expected outcomes of health assessment d. Determine the steps in selected examination procedures e. Describe the sequence in conducting physical examination in an orderly fashion f. Discuss variations in examination techniques appropriate for clients of different ages| G. Cultural Considerations 1. Sequence of Physical Examination (Adult/Pediatric/ Geriatric Adaptation) a. Overview * Purpose * Description b. Integument * SkinAssessment Procedure * Lifespan Consideration c. Head * Skull and face * Eyes and Vision * Ears and Hearing * Nose and Sinuses * Mouth and Oropharynx * Lifespan Consideration d. Neck * Overview * Assessment Procedure * Lifespan Consideration e. Thorax and Lungs * Overview * Assessment Procedure * Lifespan Consideration f. Heart and the Central Vessels/Peripheral Vascular System/Breast and Axillae * Overview * Assessment Procedure * Lifespan Consideration g. Abdomen * Overview * Assessment Procedure...
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