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INFO 620: Information Systems Analysis and Design
Term Project Proposal
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Project Category: Analysis & Design

1. Title: Analysis and Design of a Simplified Accounting Management System

2. The Problem Statement

A small accounting company would like to create a simplified accounting management system (SAMS) for the operation of the office.

a) Context and Importance of the system

It is critical that any consulting firm, such as an accounting company, be able to manage their accounts receivable, as well as their cash receipts and disbursements. It is important to track these items for the purposes of budgeting and planning, so that management is aware of how much cash has been received and how much cash will be received in the future. It is also important to track these items for the purposes of filing tax returns, as well as for documentation for mandatory financial audits.

b) Overall goals of the system

The overall goals of the system are to keep track of clients, their dependants, billable items, invoices, and payments.

c) Scope of the project

SAMS will include only clients and their dependents, service charges, invoices, payments, and reports. OUT-Scope:
SAMS will not include other office-related activities such as purchasing office supplies, salaries of accountants, office expenses, or other complex tax-related matters.

3. Requirements
3.1 Functional Requirements (partial list)

The system will be password-protected. SAMS will be a multi-user system. SAMS needs to perform the following functions: (1) Add a new client and Add dependents of a client
(2) Find a client: (using client number or last name)
(3) View client lists

(4) Edit client information:
(5) Enter billable items:
(5.a) Add monthly service fee:
(5.b) Add special charge
(6) Generate invoices
(6.a) for a specific client
(6.b) for all clients
(6.c) for clients whose outstanding balance is over X
(7) Enter payment.
(8) Generate reports
(8.a) Show payment history of a client:
(8.b) View all clients with outstanding balance
(8.c) Monthly report
- Show total billing amount per month
- Show the total payments per month
(8.d) Yearly report
- Show total billing amount per year
- Show the total payments per year

(9) Log in and log out
(10) Create/delete/chnage users
(11) Back up the data; archive the old data
(12) Generate mailing labels
(13) Change meta data

2. Data requirements (Partial List)

For clients, keep track of client’s name, address, business phone, home phone, cell phone, outstanding balance, stratingdate, and business type. The business type is One of S-corp, C-Corp, Partnership, LLC, LLP, SolePropreiter, Estate, Trust, Non-Profit, Individual, Other.

For each billable item, SAMS will keep track of item#, date entered, description, initial amount, status, and balance. Billable items are either monthly service charge or other special service charge. For the latter case, the name and the fee of the service is recorded.

For each invoice, SAMS will need to keep track of invoice#, invoice date, total billing amount from all the billable items which are not marked as Paid In Full.

For each payment, SAMS will keep track of payment#, payment date, description, amount, payment type, check#, and bank name.

3. Business Rules and Data Logic.
(* Business rules are policies or constraints on business processes or entities at the higher level.  At the lower level, data logic or constraints on data elements or values could also be included in the business rules.*)

(Partial List)

1) The fee for billable item is determined and can be changed only by the owner of the office 2) Only business clients receive an invoice once a month. 3) A cancelled billable item will not be deleted,...

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