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Topics: Mind, Cognitive psychology, Cognition Pages: 8 (1909 words) Published: July 26, 2014

CGSC 1001a and t: Mysteries of the Mind

Fall 2013, Wednesdays and Fridays, 2:35pm to 03:55pm
Location: Southam Hall Theatre B
Course title: Mysteries of the Mind
Department: Institute of Cognitive Science (2201 Dunton Tower) Course number (including section letter): CGSC 1001a, CGSC 1001t Instructor's name; office location & phone; email address; office hours: Dr. Jim Davies

2208 Dunton Tower
Phone: 613-520-2600 x1109
Email: Please use the CULearn discussion board for questions. If you do not want other students to see the question, please use the CULearn messaging system. Please do not use regular email—with 600 students we would be overwhelmed. Office hours: by appointment; please use TAs for questions

TA name; office location(s) & phone; email addresses; office hours: Ehsan Amjadian
Office Hours: Mondays 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Office Hours location: 2222 Dunton Tower
Evan Houldin
Office Hours: Fridays 4-5pm
Office Hours location: 2220 Dunton Tower
Heather Douglas
Office Hours: Thursdays 1:30pm-2:30pm
Office Hours location: 5210 VSIM
Roxana-Maria Barbu
Office Hours: Thursdays 2:50-3:50pm
Office Hours location: 2221 Dunton Tower
Wahida Chowdhury
Office Hours: Tuesday from 2 - 3 PM
Office Hours location: HCI  2110

Course newsgroup, web site address, etc. if applicable:
CULearn will be used for marks.
You can download lectures, the current version of this syllabus, and other useful things from:

Course description: -- content, aims, objectives:
The human mind is the most complex thing yet discovered in the universe. Learn about minds in humans, animals, and computers in this fascinating exploration of consciousness, memory, creativity, problem solving, perception, and your own biases. The introductory course will also cover fun topics such as how cognitive science can help you through school, how cognitive science applies to important real-world problems in areas such as law and computer interfaces, and the mind issues raised by popular movies. This course will guide you through the fascinating mysteries, and the solutions found so far, of our inner world.

If you want to see my Mysteries of the Mind lectures, they are available on Rogers Ottawa Digital Cable Channel 243. Sundays, 2 – 5 pm. 

Students in the “T” section of CGSC 1001 please note:  As stated in Carleton Central the T section is a CUOL section. This means lectures are available on Rogers Ottawa Digital Cable Channel 243 and On-Line. The posted scheduled time for section T of Sundays, 2 – 5 pm is the course’s broadcast time on Rogers Cable.  Students without access to Rogers Cable may opt to add the On-line Video-on-Demand (VOD) service ($50) by registering in CRN 35093.  VOD lectures can also be viewed at no charge in the CUOL Student Centre in room D299Loeb Building, VOD stations are available 24 hours a day. For More information on CUOL and VOD available

Texts -- (required, supplementary, on Reserve, other):
There is no text book for this course.

Course calendar: -- list which coordinates content topics with dates or class meetings; dates of all scheduled quizzes, tests or examinations plus deadlines for submission of all pieces of term work; description of how Review Week will be used (if applicable).

Evaluation: Grades will be based on the arithmetic mean of marks on the two tests during the term and the final (each will be worth one third). All tests will be multiple-choice. The final exam date, time, and place will be announced later, but will occur sometime between December 11 and 22 (inclusive), 2013. You are invited to post multiple choice questions to and I promise to use some of them. Go to this page and add questions! Study them before the tests.

What Happens When: (This might get updated, particularly for readings)

F-P: Friday,...
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