Sample Ambassador Agreement

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Ambassador Agreement

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For Ladies Only Party, Inc.
Independent Romance Ambassador Agreement
This Agreement is made between the perspective Independent Romance Ambassador (henceforth known as the "Ambassador"), whose signature, name and address appear on this Agreement and the authorized independent For Ladies Only Party, Inc. representative (known as "Authorized Representative"). All parties hereby acknowledge and agree that For Ladies Only Party, Inc., with it’s principal place of business located at: 5521 West 51st Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74107, shall have the authority to enforce these terms and conditions as specifically provided within, henceforth For Ladies Only Party, Inc. shall be referred to as the "Company".

I agree to uphold with the highest integrity my independent "Ambassador" business and the "Company" by not making false, deceptive, or misleading actions or statements in any shape or manner. The "Ambassador" will display and endorse every aspect of their business with the utmost respect, professionalism, honesty and integrity. The "Ambassador" will agree to abide by all "Company" Policies, Procedures, Manuals, Guidelines, Programs, Rules and Regulations as set forth by the "Company". Qualification

Purchase "Company" products at the "Ambassador" wholesale price, I agree to abide by and register with the "Company" online system, purchase a "Company" kit, and sign this agreement. Purchase and Sale

I , the "Ambassador", agree to sell and market the "Company" product line and business opportunity in strict compliance with the following terms and conditions:
1. Purchase "Company" products at the established "Ambassador" wholesale price solely for resale to my customers and as samples. The "Company" agrees to sell me these products, along with appropriate sale aids and business materials.

2. Present and sell the "Company" products through the "Company" party plan system/and or other integrated direct access channels (authorized, endorsed and only via the permission of the "Company.") Having the non-exclusive right to purchase from the "Company" and shall not sell the "Company" product line in (or from) any commercial or rented location, or in any other location that is not deemed a Home or Location of a "Hostess Party" without the express written permission of the "Company" (which the company may grant or hold in it’s discretion).

3. Purchase the "Company" products, sales aids and literature from the "Company" with the understanding that the "Company" unconditionally limits the sale of such products, sales aids, and literature to adults over the age of 18 years of age and it is the sole responsibility of the "Ambassador" to a) verify that the person(s) are 18 years old or older in age and b) Verify individuals age (those under the age of 18 years are not allowed to be on the premises while presenting the "Company" product line) and c) Take responsibility for understanding and comprehending all local city, state, and federal laws with regards to selling or presenting the "Company" product line and d) Failure to enforce any of limitations noted in a, b, or c will result in immediate termination of this Agreement. 4. I agree not to use the internet or other computer or any other computer/internet technology to market or

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Ambassador Agreement

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sell the "Company" product line.
5. It is my sole responsibility that once I, the "Ambassador" have received a verifiable payment for the "Company" product line that is my responsibility to deliver such products or have products delivered (in the designated manner set out in the "Company" manuals) in a proficient, professional and expedient manner.

6. Neither party shall be responsible for any delay or failure in performance resulting from occurrence beyond their reasonable control,...
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